Pets Guide

Animals were created by breeding of wild species. The aim of domestic animal breeding was then the lighter sustainable extraction of raw materials and products for the food industry. In later years, the pets were chosen for their tractive as livestock and working animals used in field and forest work. Only in the last century pets were used as test animals for cosmetic and pharmaceutical testing. The physical properties of the animals to be changed in the breeding of wild animals and weggezchtet some skills or lost. Other capabilities of the animal have been strengthened or transformed. Pets of the parental species are so different because of their lifestyles and eating habits, that they are arranged in separate species or subspecies. Most pets have lost through the breeding and keeping the ability to survive in the wild. A pet like a cat, you can easily create an independence from the people. In historical retrospect, the dog is by far the oldest pet. TheBreeding of the dog goes back to the period about 13,000 years before Christ. The use of pigs as a pet sheep and cattle about 8000 years BC in has its origin. The Animal Breeding of the horse has in the 4th Millennium originated in Eurasia. The rodent breeding began in the 20th Century. Pets are often confused with pets. Pets are species that are bred for animal husbandry. Pets, however, are in close contact with humans. They usually live in his apartment with the purpose of ornament) playmate for children or social partners (labor compensation. For animal husbandry, animals must conform to certain behavioral and physical characteristics. There have been repeated attempts other species such as fallow deer to the wild as a pet enclosure to breed. Many parents know das Sooner or later, many parents are confronted by your children with the desire for our own pet. Especially among children, the desire for a pet is great. With care, however, they are often overwhelmed,and parents must assume the task. The purchase of a pet should therefore be carefully considered. Pets are not a substitute for toys. Children must be made clear that with the acquisition of a pet also assumes the responsibility for the animal. In addition, the cost of keeping a pet, especially the cost of the veterinarian, often underestimated.