Israeli BTM In The News

A leading Israeli business newspaper – “The Marker” – recently published an article “Precise’s Comeback” in the past weekend’s paper. The article recalls how Precise, started up in 1989, reached a peak valuation of one billion dollars after it’s IPO in 2000. Precise This past year was sold for a mere 20M to Greylock Partners. Here is a translated excerpt from the article: Zohar Gilad, Precise’s Executive VP, stated that the players in the IT field can be divided into two categories, “There are the giants like IBM, HP, CA, and BMC that show less innovation, and by their side are the startups who Bring a lot of innovation “. These are the Israeli Startups Correlsense and Optie that work in a similar field as Precise. Oren Elias, Correlsense’s CEO, said, “While Precise’s product monitors the Databases and the Servers themselves, Correlsense’s product monitors the communications between the servers. It is a little bit different, but it is definitely pot