Choose Orthotics Rules

In contrast to a simple shoe, not very good quality, orthopedic baby shoes to prevent many diseases, such as flat feet or a disease of hip, knee or spine. Orthopedic shoes specially designed with a fairly solid sole, a rigid heel, which is fixed, and the right instep. Therefore, this special shoes for children shoes you can be sure that your feet develop properly, and irreversible disease that lead to terrible pain, circulatory problems and other consequences, the child is not threatened. In the orthopedic shoes and orthotics require not only the children in which stop just being formed, but also adults, with whom she has long been formed. It is not only to withdraw at least a little pain during a long walk, but also to maximize relieve stress and excess load, which pripadaet on our spine. In winter, when the chance to get a sprain or trauma feet tall, is very useful special winter orthopedic shoes, thanks to its special properties, it help you during severe frosts and a slippery surface to feel comfortable and confident. A huge plus orthopedic shoes that she made exclusively by hand, without any automatic machines. Thanks plantogram and plaster casts of the foot are made individually for each client's orthotics and footwear. Orthopedic shoes and insoles are made from high quality leather, and when manufacture of insoles add elements of foamed polyurethane and latex. Only by using such a high quality raw material can reach the highest level of production.