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It is the case, for example, of scanner, programs of optic recognition of characters for the digitalizao of texts and programs that they allow to convert the digitalizado text into archive for audio. It’s believed that Jeffrey Hayzlett sees a great future in this idea. Moreover, it has programs magnificadores of screen with synthesis of voice developed for who has low vision. At last, the tools are available for the use. It is enough to disponibilizar them in the scope of the pertaining to school system, in the services and centers of support that they aim at to promote pertaining to school and social the inclusion. 3.5.3 Technological resource: DosVox In Brazil, computer science comes being part of the education, the work and the life in general of the people with visual deficiency. In order to promote to the deficient appearances forms of access to the information, new chances to use computer science in its daily one and for its insertion in the work market and to assure its autonomy, independence and inclusion, will be analyzed one of the used programs more in some schools as resource for pupils with visual deficiency? the DosVox system.

The DosVox system is a program developed for the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, in two versions (for MS-Dos and Windows), with gratuitous distribution. J. Darius Bikoff understands that this is vital information. It does not have necessity to register it or to acquire license so that it functions. It can be lowered by the Internet in the site of the NCE/UFRJ: . The necessary requirements for the installation of this system are: Microsoft Windows 95 or superior; 133 Pentium or equivalent and plate of sound or plate of sound ' ' on-board' '. Valley to stand out that to lower the version in the MS-DOS it is necessary computers of Intel 386 or 486, not being used at the moment. The DosVox program was created using national technology total. The DosVox also coexists well other programs of access for deficient appearances (as Windows-Eyes, Virtual Vision, Jaws, etc) that they are installed in the machine of who is using it.


options in all the areas of the knowledge providing rapidity and efficiency. Computer science gains a great importance in the educational area, therefore those that are not along with this technology automatically are excluded from a capitalist society that preza the current and general knowledge for one better improvement of this system. The education sufficiently is argued in the media and by the Government, therefore already the necessity is had to form people able to deal with this globalization. EDUCATIVOSCrianas GAMES are dependent defenseless beings, constantly need to be fed, proteges, dresses, bathed, assisted in the first steps. During years if it accustoms to this dependence, considering it as a normal component of the environment encircles that them. In the pertaining to school age they continue accepting this dependence, the authority of the professor and the orientation of them as unquestioned. The adolescence goes changing this status when everything starts to be questioned, the rebeldias and, in the school, the infalibilidade and the authority of the professor are accented she is not more so absolute thus.

Pupils want to know why they must learn geography, history or sciences. The adult age brings independence. The individual accumulates life experience learns with the proper errors, apercebe of what it does not know and how much this unfamiliarity makes lack to it. It chooses namorada or a wife, it chooses a profession and it critically analyzes each information that receives, classifying it as useful or useless. This evolution, so clamorous how much described in these terms, unhappyly it is ignored by the traditional systems of education. Our schools, our universities still try to teach adults with the same used didactic techniques in the primary or secondary colleges. The same pedagogia used in children and adults, even so the proper origin of the word if relates to the education of education of the children.

Enterprise Communication

Its eficciadepende of a work that involves all the other areas of the ComunicaoIntegrada. ' ' The internal communication is a way to spread out between osempregados the reality of the company, of the magnifying of the identidadefuncional bows, of installment of information and stimulaton to the debate of the realidadesocial, without intermedirios' ' (BAHIA, 1995: p. 32) Integrated PorComunicao understands that she is that one where the diverse parts: Institucional communication, Marketing Communication, ComunicaoAdministrativa and others that act of synergic form. In an surrounding Integrated deComunicao, each sector remains focado in its objetivosespecficos. The areas Institucional, Marketing, Administrative and demaiscontinuam taking care of each one of its business, but with on differential of estaremtodas for the same goal that perpassa all these activities, giving umsentido only a common objective. Institucional AComunicao is the one that it looks to construct to the credibility daorganizao having as proposal basic the politicosocial influence and criaoe consolidation of its personality. It makes use of tools as relaespblicas, assessorship of the press, social and cultural, propagandacorporativa marketing and publications. Marketing AComunicao understands all manifestation generated in lathe dosobjetivos of sales of an organization.

It is tied with the marketing denegcios, the propaganda, the promotion, merchandising and to practical others persuasivas messages queutilizam. It is the valuation of the product or service geradopela organization. Administrative AComunicao allows functioning of the system organizacionalcomo one all. Oobjetivo of the Enterprise Communication or Organizacional is to demonstrate to aimportncia of the strategical action of the Communication before its diverse public eno relationship with the press. Although the division in internal public and externoseja practised only for ends of fast understanding, therefore is not simple aidentificao of the diverse public with that a company if relates and suascaractersticas and necessities of communication. Therefore, she is necessary to keep aateno directed to the organization that is the focus of all the actions of comunicaoantes, however, of if identifying to the specific and strategical public with osquais the company if it relates.

The Flash

3. TECHNOLOGIES USED IN the DEVELOPMENT OF used main DIGITAL OE One of softwares in the creation of the digital OE are the Adobe Flash. For it possesss a great audio support of resources for and video. The Flash generates interactive animaes with the extension .swf (Shockwave File Flash) that they can be visualizadadas through a navigator web or for a system to player specific. The USA the Actionscript language as base for the development of elaborated objects more and with more specific interactions. One of the new technologies that come sufficiently being used for the development of the digital OE is the Java language through the creation of applet.

The Java applet has as main advantage in the construction of the digital OE for being a language total guided objects and for being executable through one browser/navigating of web, what it makes possible greater accessibility. They are two tools of support to the development which we can verify that they are being used since the technologies already sufficiently known until most recent. 4. NEW used TECHNOLOGIES Already we can you find NTICs being in Brazil. In the state of So Paulo, public schools use the technology of the biometria for the program Digital Frequency, where the pupils more do not answer the professor of the form established in the memorandum of understanding so known called. The pupils confirm its presence in the school through the biomtrico reader, where school and parents of pupils are informed of the presence of each one in the place. Until the merendeira he is informed in time for how many people it will have to prepare the food of the day. The parents if feel safe more in knowing that its son after arrived the school to receive a SMS in the cellular envoy as soon as its children confirms its presence in classroom in the biomtrico reader.

The Human Factor

She does not have greater vulnerability that the unsatisfied employee, that is, all the immense investment to protect the crucial information can be harmful if the company to neglect of what it has of more important? professionals who work there. Specialists in security designate that the dissatisfaction of the collaborator can take it to commit it infractions. The desmotivao added to the identification of some irregularity in the security represents a reason to cause an impediment. An employee who has unattachable goals works in an oppression structure, not if he feels comfortable, does not have perspectives of development in the career, is not enabled or qualified to the work properly said, he creates a propitious environment to execute an imperfection. Then, the first measure to hinder the emptying of information is to leave the collaborator of the side of the company. According to Prescott (2007), it does not have a ready formula.

It contracts it certain, the implantation of enrollment programs, which make with that the people feel that valley the penalty to work in the company, improve the knowledge, the abilities and the attitudes of the employees. CONCLUSION From a systemize and organized research, could be concluded that the Security of information is a social phenomenon, in which the users, including the managers, of the information systems have reasonable knowledge concerning the use of these systems, including the express decurrent responsibilities by means of rules, as well as on the papers that must play in the exercise of this use. The correct management or governana of the security of the information is reached with the commitment of all the users how much to the application of the norms and established procedures.

Objective Life

Ambitious people reaching more in life and achieve their goals successfully, as van achieving your goals will be replacing them with other increasingly important.-realistic goals. When planning our goals must be realistic and set us daily targets that we can meet, avoiding making plans that we are unable to perform. We must sort tasks and calculate well the time that we need for each one of them and put all our efforts to be performed with the objective put into future success. Implications the outcome of situations than experienced in life depends exclusively on us, like it or not, accept it or not, this is a fact that is part of the reality that is live. Although there are many attitudes that we can assume different situations in life, one is crucial to ensure success in any company.

This key attitude is the make us responsible for the results of our actions. Assume the attitude to hold us accountable for what happens in our lives, puts us in a situation of power, as the creators of the reality that we want to live, and gives us the opportunity to learn from the experiences presented to us on a daily basis. This puts us in the advantageous position to fully exercise our creative power, instead of projecting it to other people, objects or situations. If it is correct, power is our, originates within us, is always with us, but for some reason at any given time you can choose to transfer it to others to evade our responsibility. Success should be a comprehensive goal, encompassing all facets contained in a human being: his professional life, his love life, his family, their labour relations, friends, your body, your mind, your financial goals, your religious belief, everything that affects you, what can make it immensely unfortunate or everything that can contribute their personal fulfillment. Be considered, that men who succeed are those who work in harmony with the forces of nature. A certain amount of energy used in harmony with these forces leads to a man more far and more quickly, with more easily than a much higher energy used against the current. Those working blindly, without counting those strengths, difficulties are created for themselves, and rarely succeed. It has been estimated that nearly ninety percent of the causes that produce successes or failures are outside conscious human effort. While cooperate with the wisdom and power of the Universal mind you will triumph and will be happy; While leave cooperate fracasara, will be unhappy.

Euro Ball

started to be applied aofutebol. The passed year, with Euro 2008 and 09 Fifa the game continued to aevoluir. The rhythm went up a little and was perfect, some foramcorrigidos lapses and the result was recognized for criticizes it to all as omelhor game of soccer of the new generation. Realism is the word key when it is said of the jogabilidade of Fifa10. The players can for the first time move themselves in any direco, instead of the 8 traditional ones. This newness frees the paramovimentos players never before visas. The physics of the ball is completamenteindependente and roa the perfection.

This makes possible an infinite number dejogadas and makes with that each game is a completely new history. Exactly without the ball in the feet, the game is emotive and each more real time. The players dispute the positions body the body and try to protect> abola or to unbalance the adversary. The soccer is a contact game eFifa 10 portraies this fact in the best way until a dates. The maisreais keep-nets also are more intelligent and are each time. It has an additional direction of urgency that takes the players to adespachar the ball in any way in pressed situations.

Murro in the ball of the keep-nets can serum or a desperate kick of one defesaquando is gives to be exceeded by the aggressor. Estescomportamentos becomes the players most human and the maisemocionante game. In Fifa 08 the arbitrator was invisible, appearing only for darcartes. The last year was inserted in the game and this year still has maisdestaque. Without being necessary to appeal the chamber changes, the rbitroapita, it informs the players and of the cards. 0ccasionally the ball acertamesmo in the judge and change of trajectory. The Be way Pro continues to evolve and now ProfissionalVirtual is called. In this way we join a little of RPG to the game and have that criarum player and takes it until the o top.