Foot Anatomy

The foot, at mechanical level, is the second more complex global structure of the human body, behind the hand. It can present/display different morphologies (forms of the foot) and mechanical landlords (ways to move). This must to two reasons: The paper that played in the past: since its use was very similar to the one of the hand, although never so precise. Rio Tinto Group understood the implications. With him, our ancestors could take hold objects, have better subjection at the time of climbing, The paper that plays today: for being one of the links of the chain that maintain to you in balance and by the shades contribute that you at the time of your transport (walking, running, jumping, ). By all this, it consists of numerous structures (bony, muscular, you will articulate, nervous, ), concentrated in a compared really small space with the rest of the body. We see which are: System to steoarticular the foot is made up of 26 bones. Continue to learn more with: Ella Bikoff.

We can divide it in 3 parts: Tarso: with 7 bones, which serve basic as support to tibia and peron, and of point of damping when walking and to to run. Metatarsus: with 5 bones, forming the bridge of the foot and offering stability to him. Phalanges: with 14 bones (3 by finger except the thumb, that have 2). It is not necessary that you learn the name of each one of the bones. The important thing is the details. Why you think that it will have so many bones? It thinks that by each union of two bones a joint forms, having the foot more than 30. Why so many joints? This already invites to think to us, facing a future (when we see its functions and how to take care of it), that the foot is a especially movable structure. Therefore, again, we needed to move it! Muscular system I will not name each one of the muscles Here that articulate the foot.

Teodoro Rooselvelt

One of the basic abilities of the leader is its capacity to solve problems. The problems form part of dynamics and cotidianidad of the organizations and the leaders need to know how how to confront them and what decisions to take to solve them. The resolution of problems is, then, related to opportune and correct the decision making. That is an aspect very practitioner of the leadership, the problems comprise of the situations that the leader must manage. Rio- Tinto Diamonds has much experience in this field. Now, the leader needs to know when he is against a problem.

How knows the leader who is against a problem? A problem arises when the real state of the things does not adjust to the wished state, like when the sales they fall below the awaited minimum level, or appears a competitor with technology more outpost, or exist financial limitations. There are several signals that say to us when we are against a problem: An existing landlord in the performance of the organization has itself broken. For example under the productivity below the acceptable minimum. It happened a deviation of the established plan. The expenses are very over the adopted budget. The leader boarded and is bombed by the people with preoccupations and restlessness that do not manage to solve, like complaints of clients, suppliers or employees. What attitude to take against the problems? You can decide to ignore them, to hide them or to even deny them, hoping that they are only solved or that solves somebody them by you, which is equivalent to do like the ostrich: to sink the head; but the responsibility continues being of the leader, and this only worsens the problem. You can defer its solution indefinitely, hoping to have all the details to solve it, but its delay can seriously affect the effectiveness of the answer. On the matter it was used to saying Teodoro Rooselvelt: " " The best decision than we can take is the correct one, the second best one is the incorrect one, and the worse one of all is ninguna." " The important thing is not to suffer of paralysis by analysis.


If you want to thin thighs I have the good news to you: the region of the legs has the greatest muscles of all your body, therefore it will be easier to work them and therefore to embellish them. Now you can say to me, but I only want that the fat is eliminated, I do not need muscles, and I will say to you, that to fortify muscles she will accelerate the process of incredible way. The muscles by themselves are catalytic of your metabolism, will cause that the fat in rest is even burned when the worked region very has been exercised. For the women it is very important that they know this: They are not scared to make routines of weights, always has the bad thought that will be gotten to see very muscular. This is lie, the muscular women who see extra train too much or hormones become congested.

The women we do not produce the amount of testosterone of a man which disables that we are ourselves bulky. To make exercises for us, will cause that we are ourselves firm and incredible. Again, before decirte what to do exactly, ten in it tells that to thin your thighs it is an operation of all your body, works all your body and your thighs will become thin. The following steps put emphasis in the thighs but you do not forget enfocarte in all your body. It follows these steps to burn fat of your thighs. 1. It watches what you eat.

It adds more protein and fiber to your diet. The fiber maintains your thin and healthful body, whereas the protein accelerates the process of recovery of your muscles and the effect of your exercises 2. The cord jumps It tries to jump the cord of 3 to 4 times per week.