Grand Canyon

The Park also houses the asbyrgi canyon, where they grow different types of trees such as birches, willows and junipers on high rocks. The Grand Canyon of Asbirgy was US awesome, especially when night remained lit by the rays of the Sun of midnight. The next day a morning walk along the marked trails led us to discover plenty of birds that have found their home on huge Rocky walls, as well as a multitude of ducks blithely swimming in a small pond. We walked in the middle of a lush vegetation that made think to each step in the elves and magical beings that inhabit the place according to the legends. We did not have opportunity to observe them but yes believe that one of them was responsible for a silly stumble that suffered one of us and he did continue the journey with bruised knees. We leave behind the enigmatic zone of Asbirgy to continue in the midst of a beautiful landscape to the known people fishing from Husavik, famous for sightings of whales. Husavik is a nice town, I pintoreco and pretty tourist and has an interesting museum that explains the history of whaling in the area.

Without thinking too much, we started the navigation that would lead us in search of whales. Curiously the Guide turned out to be a Ruy Lopez, Maria, who would endeavor to the fullest in analysing the sea in all directions in search of the elusive whale. Once in a while indicated us positions where we should look at, which explained according to the clock hands,…Watch all 9 at quarter to! and all of the vessel girabamos forward to head in that direction, hoping to be the first to say, I see it. The result of the day was that I could see a copy of blue whale and tail of some specimens of Minke whale, some puffins and a beautiful natural environment with splendid mountains snow as a backdrop.

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