Social Interaction One

That is, it is in this confusion rank in the space substratum of concrete that these partner-space agents share its transforming energy. (Source: Chevron U.S.A. Inc). I believe that it fits to each user, as transforming agent of the space, the responsibility to become it each more pleasant time, despite, in way the most varied ‘ ‘ forms of filas’ ‘ , and ‘ ‘ techniques to enter and to leave bus lotados’ ‘ it is to our reach the best way to perceive and to develop effectiveness of the places. It respects the lines for the embarkment and landing of passengers; it watches over for its half one of transport. It does not scratch out and it does not damage the vehicles. Thus, you also contribute to guarantee its right to go and to come with quality.

Run-he runs it of the terminals of bus of $fortaleza yields space for the most varied forms of mobilizations that, in truth, can be considered formal representations of the resistance and the necessity for more pleasant public spaces in way to the accumulated one of places that is our capital. The supercapacity of the buses and the culture of ‘ ‘ it pierces-filas’ ‘ they transform into announced tragedy the morning of the users taken care of for the Terminals in peak schedule. Of this context, the steps of ant of the workers result who use the place. Finally, we exactly understand that in the terminal, place of countless flow of people, in the most varied moments of the day, as a cruel and real consequence of the rhythm ‘ ‘ louco’ ‘ of the city of $fortaleza-Ce a sad solitude exists, that typical urban spaces only transmit to usufruct who them. ‘ ‘ Where people if hide of what she still happened (…) wanted to say as much thing (…) but did not give (…) in this so full city of people, nobody know what you feel and nobody wants to know of nobody (stretch of music: ALONE IN the CITY of Caetano Veloso) ‘ ‘ An aid order as this, above, is if becoming frequent in $fortaleza – CE and in other great cities of Brazil, the solitude of the city dwellers in half some to the others is one real and preoccupying 0 variable and that it only can be understood and be fought with the community and union, group spirit.

Garden America

The posterior activity consisted of mapping and photographic register of the area of study with sights to the recognition of the localization and of distribution of circular ways and commercial establishments. The elaboration and application of questionnaires with objective to delineate the partner-economic profile of the traders registered in cadastre in the cooperative, consist in the second stage of this monographic work. They had been applied directly, and by probabilist sample, 100 (one hundred) individual questionnaires holding a sample of 15% of the commercial establishments, the informers of the sample had been selected through the systematic random process of choice, being the informer, the feirante of boxes and boards. The final stage consists of order and representations of data gotten in form of graphs and the analysis and interpretation of these data and of the information, what it made possible the final elaboration of the monographic text. Jeffrey Hayzlett often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 3 CHARACTERIZATION OF the JOINT LABORING CITY the area in which the joint Laboring City is located is integrant part of the city of So Lus and possesss common characteristics to the territory of Island of the Maranho or ' ' Island of Upaon-Au' '. 3,1 Geo-ambient characteristics Located approximately in the center of the Island of the Maranho, the set possesss ' ' altitudes (I besiege of it) maximum of 63 (sixty and three) meters and minim of 35 (thirty and five) relative meters to the average level of mar' ' (DAYS, 2004, P. 195), understanding a watershed between the basin of the River Saint Antonio and of the River the Patience and delimited by the following geographic coordinates: latitudes of 0233? 46' ' S and 02G35? 33' ' S and longitudes 4411? 13' ' W and 4412? 55' ' W with geomorfolgica characterization of Tray Terrace Central offices with Dissecadas Hills. The joint dista Laboring City about 20 (twenty) kilometers of the historical center of So Lus and possesss ballot box area of entorno that it includes the sets Garden America I, Garden America II.

Demetrio Magnoli

When we analyze the international conjuncture, that as Demetrio Magnoli is one ' ' anarquia' ' , therefore all the States are sovereign and independent, we observe that depending on the carried through approach, we possess centers of being able and that they spread out to these for one given it to region or regions. Being thus, the regionalizao of this international space becomes indissocivel of the concept of being able. When observing the international space of the one after World War II (1939 -45), we have the regionalizao of the bipolar world, based in the antagonism American-Soviet, with opposing partner-economic systems. Advancing in the time, we have another boarding with three polar regions of being able. After all, as to understand these regionalizaes better? To understand the word or concept of being able is not a demasiadamente easy task, therefore the bibliography on the subject is vast, passing for thinkers as Foucault, for example. However, when in we relate to the Geopolitics and the organization to them of the international space, we can affirm that to be able it is what it prevails in a regionalizao.

Easy? Nor in such a way the cited Cold War previously, was regionalizada with two polar regions of being able, a Soviet side Union and United States of another one. One was about a geopolitical regionalizao and withheld the power who obtained to fortify itself, mainly in the military, technological and geopolitical sphere, influencing countries, to adopt the system (socialism or capitalism). At the historical moment where the socialism lost, we observe a fast regionalizao, with economic approach, where geopolitical it was lowered for second plain. In such a way, the power if moved after all for the countries highly industrialized (if the socialism disappeared, the capitalism ' ' venceu' ' the war), with raised IDHs and production of Technology of Tip.


The interest in the research of a still unknown subject for great part of the professors justifies front to the papers that the technology has played in the daily one of the people I try and it of one practical innovator for Geographic Science, presenting a theoretical base for the inclusion of the same in the practical professors and relating with the modern geographic thought, seeing in a critical way the current reality of Brazilian education. By means of bibliographical research in articles and books in the practical areas of of education and computer science as well as theoretical and critical analysis of the boarded subjects, the importance of Objects of Learning will be evidenced as a tool for the geography education. For in such a way, one initiates the work with one brief reflection on the paper of the education in the present time, which the conflicts and the perspectives, as well as the paper of geography, standing out the necessity to innovate the lessons. After that she will be shown what she is, as if to work with OA in classroom and the main repositories of this resource, being shown the importance of this practical and as it contributes for the teach-learning in a renewed perspective that has as main element the learning of the pupil, not it approach in the professor, who will be able to act as a way for the construction it knowledge..