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that 46 per cent of German companies, all your documents for the case keep 1. Guide lacks many companies as support to minimize the risk the time and technical support to the topic retention periods closer to deal with. Thanks to the guidance companies can see quickly the deadlines”, explains Hans-Gunter Borgmann, Managing Director of Iron Mountain Germany. The European guide, de Brauw Blackstone Westbroek is created in cooperation with the international law firm, provides not only an overview of the applicable laws, but presents based on handy tips, how companies can meet the requirements for document retention.” Guide covers all major document types from the Aufbewahrungsleitfaden provides an overview of types of business documents: general business documents, such as business correspondence and audit reports; relevant tax and accounting Documents; Pay slips; Personnel records; Medical records; Transport records; Environmental regulations relevant documents; Insurance policies; Loading documents; Contracts and agreements. The Aufbewahrungsleitfaden is available under the following link: document retention / 1 beyond awareness: the growing urgency for data management in the European mid-market, PwC for Iron Mountain, July of 2013 2 steuern/gesetzgebung-politik/neuer-gesetzentwurf-zur-verkuerzung-der-aufbewahrungspflichten_168_174712.html 3 de/law/tax law/financial management/retention periods via the Iron Mountain Germany GmbH Iron Mountain offers comprehensive solutions for the management of information. Iron Mountain’s experts help companies to find solutions suitable for them in the safe and lawful storage and rapid availability of their documents and data. Benefiting immediately from the predictable costs and optimized processes, as well as from the comprehensive know-how of the service provider customers for effective information management. As a global service partner with over 60 years experience takes Iron Mountain both to physical documents as well as digital data and covers the entire life cycle of the information thereby from secure storage to destruction.

founded in 1951, Iron Mountain has more than 155,000 businesses in North America, Europe, Latin America and in the Asia Pacific region and managed in its archives and data centers of billions of data and information. Worldwide, Iron Mountain employs 17,500 people and posted revenues of $ 3 billion in 2012. 95 Percent of the Euro STOXX 50 companies among its customers by Iron Mountain. In the Fortune 1000 list, Iron Mountain ranked ranked 675. Editorial contact: essential media Karl H. Mayer Landwehrstrasse 61 80336 Munich Tel: + 49 (0) 89 7472 62-12 E-Mail: Iron Mountain Germany Verena g Marketing Executive Hindenburg Street 162 22297 Hamburg Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 52108-182 email: Web:

Educator Knowledge

This enterprise vision inside of the educational contemporaneidade has stimulated each time more the sprouting of what economicus is called Homo, that is, in redescoberta of the main principle of the classic liberal economy. (GORDON apud HISSES, 1994, P. 221). The redefinition of citizen based in the individualism and the society of consumption is seen from this conception. In this manner, it was asked, which is the social paper of the education in the age of the information? The education also has this commitment. It is basic that the professor folloies the technological development, universal education even though because the pupil, to the times, has more access to this technology of what the proper educator. this technological education is not mentioned only to the use of the computer, but it is to show for educating what it has of action politics when using this computer. Antenar with what it is happening in the world.

… Thus, the professor can use charge, the film, and bring for classroom, even though to buy books for the Internet. The professors still are the responsible set for the communication. They are perpetual researchers and the pupil perceives when the professor is not compromised to an education of quality. (Teacher 1) the education is the base of everything. The professor is the responsible one to stimulate the search of the knowledge on the part of the pupil. It also has that to make use itself to know, and even for obligation, in order to help and to direct the pupil. He does not obtain yourself to think the education without computerization.

The professor must awake for this. Even because the Internet, for example, is a door opened for the knowledge, where you can know the diverse areas of the knowledge, also to guide them on the positive points and negative how much to the use of the Internet in correct way, and, the professors and the parents are responsible therefore. The educator tries to follow these innovations in the world contemporary. (Teacher 2) the contribution of the use of the technology Is undeniable in benefits of one quality education. The diffusion of the new technologies has made possible a bigger access to the knowledge, mainly the what concerns the use of the Internet. Therefore it is so important to demand this knowledge of the professor whom it needs to modernize itself with these changes in order to enrich practical its. Moreover, the educators are vehement how much to the use of the technology in the educational scope, therefore the educator must always is antenado with the challenges considered by the age of the information. Being thus, he will be prepared to teach these informatizados educandos always in search of new knowledge and to make of this half news an ally for a pleasant, dynamic and respeitadora lesson of the limits of each educating. Consideraes final a observed similar idea in elapsing of the studies carried through for the development of this work inside mentions the dissociao to it between speech and practical professor of the conceptions of education in the contemporaneidade, that if has become each more competitive time, given exignc

Wasserman Education

An institution for profit will never be on these lists, ensures proposed Wasserman.La has a special chapter dedicated to the assurance of quality, accreditation and evaluation of higher education. Although it is a subject that has been working since the last Government, with this new rule the Ministry of education, according to the guiding, acquire more power to monitor and sanction. Opponents of the reform proposal as reported the journal La afternoon, Pereira, was the first to oppose the draft the alternative Democratic Pole, which flatly rejected the announcement of the Gobierno.Su President, Clara Lopez, said that with this measure public higher education in Colombia is a lucrative business for a few, as with health, to the detriment of the interests of the vast majority of the Colombian people. He added that the Polo will convene to student, academic organizations and workers of public universities to defend the public patrimony and will promote a series of political actions and mobilization to protest the brazen delivery of higher education to transnational financial capital and speculators and local traders who traffic with the fundamental rights of Colombians.In Risaralda, the Green Party supports this argument. We are opposed to the project, open the door to the privatization of the public University. The State should reinforce the theme of education at all levels, from school to higher, says Fredy Arias, Member of that collectivity. Arias holds that in the country it is difficult to gain access to the University and will be so much more with that since project that closes the doors to the vulnerable population.In the UTP 80% of students are from strata 1, 2 and 3, this management today is acceptable, but I would believe that with private investment that same not could be because if private reverse you want to remove something, says Arias and ensures that this initiative with Colombia would be even further against developed countries where education is totally free. Original author and source of the article.