The interest in the research of a still unknown subject for great part of the professors justifies front to the papers that the technology has played in the daily one of the people I try and it of one practical innovator for Geographic Science, presenting a theoretical base for the inclusion of the same in the practical professors and relating with the modern geographic thought, seeing in a critical way the current reality of Brazilian education. By means of bibliographical research in articles and books in the practical areas of of education and computer science as well as theoretical and critical analysis of the boarded subjects, the importance of Objects of Learning will be evidenced as a tool for the geography education. For in such a way, one initiates the work with one brief reflection on the paper of the education in the present time, which the conflicts and the perspectives, as well as the paper of geography, standing out the necessity to innovate the lessons. After that she will be shown what she is, as if to work with OA in classroom and the main repositories of this resource, being shown the importance of this practical and as it contributes for the teach-learning in a renewed perspective that has as main element the learning of the pupil, not it approach in the professor, who will be able to act as a way for the construction it knowledge..

Crisis Of The Fuel And Increase Of The Prices Of Foods

The world lives a growth sped up in the oil consumption, due to transformation of the globalizada economy, thus provoking crisis in fuels and increasing the prices of foods. According to president of the World Bank (Bird), Robert Zoellick (NOTICE 24h, on-line, Anabb, economy, 02/07/08), ' ' an increase in the global production of oil can help to brighten up the prices of fuels and foods. ' ' Still, following that the production of the oil in the countries of the Organization of the Exporting Countries of Oil and of is of the OPEP it fell, and that a necessity exists clearly to raise the total production. The increase of the demand took the producing countries to extract until the limit of its capacity. They do not have as to get more oil. Moreover, she has a saturation in the transport capacity and refining, mainly in the United States. She offers of oil in the world continues lesser of what the demand, what she justifies the high prices, much above of what he was waited for this year. Exactly that countries producing members of OPEP decided to increase production in 2,5 million barrels for day, that is the capacity that they have for short term, would not provoke significant reduction of the prices, because this volume is very small to make front what the necessary world.

The result of this is that it is having a change of habit on the part of the consumers, mainly in the countries richest. The high one of the price of the fuel coincides with the necessity to reduce the emission of gases that provokes the effect greenhouse (gases produced with the fsseis fuel burning) and this provoked one ' ' boom' ' in the production of biocombustveis in the entire world. When analyzing these facts, that most of the time provoke divergences and much speculation, of pra to imagine what it will go to happen when this resource to deplete. .

Brazilian Public

Of all the players heard for the news article, none had IDO to the cinema to see the film, much even so some admits the interest. Between the trainers, the constatao was accurately the same one. The world of the soccer, so far, ignored its Rei.&#039 greater; ' (VIANA, 2004, p.c8). Logically that if the players were to see the film, the image of the same would be much more attractive to the public. However the marketing campaign is that it must have this work, to become the film most interesting all the public and until inviting the players to attend the film as spreading strategy: ' ' Some errors in the spreading strategy, the competition with other productions and until the fact of the advertising campaign not to have been directed for the young public also would explain the phenomenon. Other films that estrearam at the same time had had very bigger success, as ' ' Cazuza? the time not para' ' , seen for nothing less of what 1,5 million pessoas.' ' (VIANA, 2004, p.c8). Another argued hypothesis is of that films of the documentary sort do not facilitate the sale.

Brazil has tradition in novels and therefore ficcionais dramas tend to have greater appeal public? ' ' Two children of Francisco' ' for example, it is a biography as ' ' Eterno&#039 skin; ' however it relieved much more: ' ' Eterno&#039 skin; ' it was launched in 150 rooms, being seen by 53.286 people in the first end of week, giving average of 355,2 spectators for place (LOSCHPE, 2009, web page). ' ' Two children of Francisco' ' he got in the total 5.319.677 spectators? being therefore the third attended film more of the Brazilian cinema. The fact is that other biographies had been launched ficcionalmente because they obtain to dramatizar and to romantizar the sufferings and the conquests of its personages? in a country where novels and help the poor persons are certainty of ibope, the idealizao that was made on the figure of Skin, really did not have time.


To maintain the garden requires time. It is necessary to harvest the turf, to eliminate the bad grass, to pay the land and to make sure that they do not appear fungi nor plagues of insects. Periodic tasks which it is possible to be done without if it is chosen to install artificial grass, artificial turf. At first, the result is similar. In addition, there are studies that confirm the saving in the water consumption in the artificial turf. Nevertheless, the artificial turf account with a degree of abrasion in the skin superior to the one of the natural grass, reason why the falls in these surfaces can cause injuries majors. The artificial turf is a species of floating mantle that imitates to the natural turf in color and texture and is very used in the fields of ftbolEl artificial turf is a species of floating mantle that imitates to the natural turf in color and texture.

The first uses were almost exclusive of the football grounds, but every time it is used more in paisajismo, gardening and xerojardinera: parks public, particular golf courses, gardens, terraces and inner balconies, attics, swimming pools, patios or tile roofs are some of their habitual destinies. Their resistance to the passage of time and a simple maintenance makes ideal for spaces that look for a different decoration, more cosy, than it imitates to the nature and it invites to play the small ones and to take a walk to the mascots. In addition, the artificial turf is optimal for the little sunny zones or with shade, since it does not need irrigation nor natural light to grow. There are three aspects to consider when choosing the type of synthetic turf: the quality of the mantle, the filling and the base or pavement on which it is placed. The variety of types of artificial turf allows from monochrome mantles to others of different finished tonalities with very realistic. Also, a greater densidad of fibers allows to obtain a leafier garden and to maintain the verticalidad of the grass, even after being stepped on or being squashed. Although the texture and smoothness of the artificial turf not always are just as the one of the natural turf, the synthetic grass considers more hygienic As far as filling, that is placed as it castrates superior, is in favor compound habitually of grains or silica sand, this one can be found in different colors to obtain original works of paisajismo. On the other hand, the most practical bases are those able ones to absorb great amounts of water, although these are used, in their majority, for football grounds. These pavements obtain that the water is not accumulated in the surface, reason why avoid humidity problems and that loosen the sand or burdens, with the consequent risk of falls. This type also is adapted for geographic zones in which it rains much.