Gifts For Father

It is clear that we have already been a few years immersed in the digital age. We at photo original gifts, we have adapted to these changes and among many gifts for the father’s day that we have, we have the latest technology. These gifts or gadgets you will allow to store your digital photographs, so that your father can enjoy those moments and special in the company of your family memories. Among this type of original gifts we have frames of pictures high definition digital, keyrings with our Digital Photo Album or photo frame. For all of them, you have the possibility to be sent to the address that you want and also through our website, you can upload images that more you are going to like your father. In addition to the obvious sentimental value that represent for this occasion, these digital gifts are useful and can serve as a great help for other purposes, for example for business meetings related to the work. We are sure that your father will love.

And on the other hand, don’t forget that you still to reach another very important date in May. We talked about the day of the mother. Do not use to give one of our digital items to your mother? They are one of our gifts from the most successful mother’s day. You give away to whom gifts for the date that is, affection and love that you feel for your loved ones will be reflected in these gifts in an incredible way.

The Snack Sales

Dnipropetrovsk branch Snack Export can be called a pilot or starting a project that was successful and on the basis of this project began to develop our distributive structure in other major cities and regional centers. The original system for which Snack Export worked in Dnepropetrovsk, was poludistributsionnoy: work was done and through the wholesale channel and through distributors Dnepropetrovsk, and only when the first branch, there was a qualitative leap. The company began to prepare and train staff, raise professional coaches from the sidelines. Success in Dnepropetrovsk instantly reflected in the increase in sales of snacks, it was a jump tenfold, compared to sales before the branch network. Natural consequence of the transition to a system of own distribution is that the share of wholesale sales of snacks in the early fall, but sales of snacks through retail have increased so much that it was disproportionate, compared with losses in opte. The problems and market trends The fact that manufacturing companies are engaged in distribution (as in the case with The Snack exports) and vice versa – Distributors launches its own brands, due to the fact that the best option for the Ukrainian market, where production and distribution is in the same hands. Therefore, the company increased its earnings to profit at once on two areas.

Problem in our market is that most of the distribution companies are not versed in branding and promotion of brands. And at the same time, most manufacturers do not know how to build an effective distribution system. Another problem common to all manufacturers, concluded that the distributors generally do not pay attention to the quality of the representation of a product brand and company and, therefore, no better the manufacturer will not sell your product.