American Potatoes

America – a continent where there are very advanced state, which is truly the locomotive of world economy. Their modern economy and culture are very efficient, they are constantly humanity innovative products, digital news, and so on. However, perhaps the most important contribution to the history of mankind has brought America a few centuries earlier. We are talking about potatoes. At the end of the sixteenth century Europeans became acquainted with this truth American culture and brought it to Europe.

Yes, many believe that our ancestors since time immemorial were grown and eaten the potatoes, but it is not, at first she came to Spain. In Russia, she got only closer to the middle of the eighteenth century! This American gift was at first simply not understood in the old Europe, the gastronomic preferences of people did not cover the new culture. But each country has its own way came to realize the true value of the new acquisition, which is after the recognition in the highest circles began to spread rapidly among the masses. Now in the national cuisine of any country potatoes takes pride of place, and not in vain, because this root is truly the highest value in terms of usefulness and ease of cultivation.

Coaching Academy

In three phases to new shores, we wanted to be the human Bank that does business with the heart and which employees are proud to be a part of it”, so Sansom. So we took advantage of the first phase, to the employees as to strengthen people and individually to develop. You should discover their talents and gain self confidence. At the same time we adapted the very complex administration start and improved policies, systems and processes, including the assessment system and the salary structure.”after six months we could at last with the first personal mastery workshop”. The top 35 executives participated in this.

In the next step the top 300 managers followed, and the workshop was immediately breakout”called. It aim was to find a larger meaning in our lives and our work. We combined the spiritual, emotional and intellectual aspects. With topics such as personal transformation, self realization, strength determination and better human relationships we succeeded. The participants wanted to be sure that all 5,000 managers attended this workshop. To do so, we trained our own workshop leaders. Before McKinsey consultants had carried out the workshops. And, as all managers had taken part, she felt so inspired, that all their employees, 31,000 in 30 countries, were that participate in this workshop wanted to let.” The second phase, accelerating Breakout”called, a new development programme produced with the name of inspired leaders”.

The priorities of the programme were the telling of stories (Story Telling), and how to deal with its weak sides. In the third step (“delivering the agenda”) an internal Coaching Academy, founded own coaches have been trained in the. There are three different levels of coaching: leaders coach, coaches coach and master coach, and the entire program was linked to the five values of the Bank. The goal was a werteorientiere lead. Everything we did was based on emotional and spiritual intelligence”, so Sansom next.

Gifts For Father

It is clear that we have already been a few years immersed in the digital age. We at photo original gifts, we have adapted to these changes and among many gifts for the father’s day that we have, we have the latest technology. These gifts or gadgets you will allow to store your digital photographs, so that your father can enjoy those moments and special in the company of your family memories. Among this type of original gifts we have frames of pictures high definition digital, keyrings with our Digital Photo Album or photo frame. For all of them, you have the possibility to be sent to the address that you want and also through our website, you can upload images that more you are going to like your father. In addition to the obvious sentimental value that represent for this occasion, these digital gifts are useful and can serve as a great help for other purposes, for example for business meetings related to the work. We are sure that your father will love.

And on the other hand, don’t forget that you still to reach another very important date in May. We talked about the day of the mother. Do not use to give one of our digital items to your mother? They are one of our gifts from the most successful mother’s day. You give away to whom gifts for the date that is, affection and love that you feel for your loved ones will be reflected in these gifts in an incredible way.

Christmas Ham

From we have noticed the relevance that this acquiring that Christmas gift or Christmas basket bring ham inside it. In yesteryear given more importance that will take bottles of cava or champagne, but as now rare is that do not carry them, is given more importance to gifts that we become so notable then, as it is Christmas, from a simple palette to carry a large ham. As the variety of tastes and pockets is high. From HaztuCesta we have very different kinds of ham and palettes. From palettes basic serranas that are economical and resultonas to Iberico of quality that make that unforgettable gift. In the section on hams the variety is even greater that suit all tastes and pockets; Cellars, reserves, Iberian, gravels, acorns, and appellations of origin specific such as Teruel, among others. With all these options the magnificent variety of wines, champagnes, sausages, cheeses, nougats, candy and drinks spirit that we have in our catalogue, we invite you to design your basket or Christmas gift to stay totally liked with the gift that makes their workers, friends, clients or family members.

The Planetarium

The year 1964 Planetarium, school 189, Punta Gorda, I was in fourth year. Walk scheduled at the Planetarium of the Municipal Zoo. Before boarding the bus, teacher advises loudly and slowly that the walk begins and ends at the school. Anyone can come it to search before, nor anyone can be lowered before anywhere else. Upon arrival, all students sit. Director ask silence while the Hall darken. Lights simulating stars filled the entire fictional sky.

Manager of the Planetarium was to describe star representing each light, accompanied for this a signal Lantern. I don’t know if by nerves or something ingested during the breakfast, I began to feel a seismic movement within the stomach. Something like a volcano ready to erupt, only that in the opposite direction. I was curious because I did not eat breakfast much else, almost nothing made me evil, or at least we believed until that day. Lacked even half an hour to complete and far from being able to concentrate on the words of the speaker, my mind started to carry out the following complex calculation: capacity to withstand the stitches that produced desire for intestinal mobilization, more rejection to put her butt in any dirty bathroom, more shame that I was inform my teachers that I was doing me poop. The equation should subtract the time that lasted the oratory about the stars, in which every minute it was making me hours. The decision was not easy. I could not lift me because school authorities had threatened us with sanctions for misbehavior.

I was also located in the middle of a long line of students, all tight and almost no space to walk. On the other hand, if I would have done my impulse to prevail, anyway did not see anything and wouldn’t know where to go. Sometime I felt loosened me, but luckily I managed to endure.