Industrial Plants

And if this guide man works poorly, it will continue to work just because she did not notice, did not help advice. In industrial plants where the work is evaluated according to the number of products, compliance with the rules says for itself, especially when the word will have its department of technical control. Mental work harder to estimate, and it is here that most avoid it an objective assessment. Do not be afraid to ask the quality of their work. Supervisors must give you his thoughts about her. 'Lopsided' estimates that only one good, often comes at the expense of the employee.

In many cases, this situation facilitates a comprehensive assessment system. Do not wait for someone to come and assess your work. Pay attention to how others perform a similar task and compare with how you are doing it. Keep also in mind, like a similar problem solved before you, and everything went smoothly, or, perhaps, somewhere went wrong, which can now be avoided. And a few words to the leaders. Proper personnel policy (and it includes a lot of constituent elements) not only increases productivity, and creates a mood, a feeling of personal satisfaction for each team member, enhances the atmosphere of relations between people. And it makes itself known and out of work – in the family, amateur circles, in society in general. Throughout life we have a number of formal evaluations, written 'in black and white'.

They include, for example, school-leaving certificate, diploma and certificates won at sports contests or surveys of amateur, different characteristics of our written work, etc. Of course, they assume takzhenuzhno evaluation of our 'I', as they eloquently attest some of its aspects, and often significant impact on our lives further. This kind of classification, we can easily compare with the characterization of others expressed similar documents. These estimates must be assigned and the position of our heads, which is mostly in integrated assessment, which we get from them. If you have decided to further examine himself in front of you will certainly be a number of issues with respect to your present and future: what next? Imagine a very wide river, where one swims near a lot of boats. Each of them represents a human destiny. Free-flowing rivers – this is though for a time. Most of the boats carries a lifetime. There are few such people, who from the beginning know or swimming in it are aware they need to swim, and sent his boat in that direction – to a certain goal. Entirely likely that they doplyvut it. He who himself learned that he wants to do in life, which achieved a far greater chance of success than those who surrendered to the lifetime and does not try to send their forces to a certain goal.


– But it will be that everything this justifies that these modern parents, continue if to seat to the table of the meals and only to find asinhas of the hen? To answer to these and others, it follows a relation of 10 questions that we must observe to better be able to evaluate the situation where we find in them. 1) Let us look for to remember how many times we take our children to the McDonalds. – Made this, let us verify the NOTE of it in disciplines of Physical Education and we will consist that it is inversely proportional to the times we take that them, in the said snack bar, and the weight of them is directly proportional. 2) Let us look for to observe how many hours our children pass front to a computer or a video-game. – Estarrecidos we will evidence that the number of hours that it passed and passes front to these toys are accurately equal to the number of hours where they had depleted our patience, in geometric progression. 3) We will be capable to remember how many times, when some special date if approaches type: anniversary of them, Native, Passover, day of the children, etc. We hear our children to say: ' ' In (day such) I want one ' '? – With certainty we will evidence that the number of times that it ' ' presentearam-se' ' for anticipation, that multiplied for an optimistical number type 100, could be equal to the number of ' ' Nos' ' that they had said in them. 4) We will be capable to remember how many to times demons gifts they, without they possessed any requirement of merit, to the times, nor could give for questions of financial order? – We will evidence sadly that to add the values expenses with these we mimos given without lesser merit, it will be equal to the degree of the lies that they already had imposed in them.


Lazarevskoe today offers any service, any entertainment and all kinds of recreation, from quiet family pastime to outdoor activities and adventure tourism. Demand creates supply is faster than where else. Large hotels and small private hotels in the Lazarev provide accommodation in different price ranges, from luxury to budget VIP class. Nevertheless, even a low-relaxation in the Lazarev pretty good. The level of service in all the hotels and the hotels is quite high. Private hotels offer accommodation in the Lazarev as a full or partial board. The choice of cafes and restaurants where you can tasty and inexpensive meal.

Room reservation is carried out remotely via a tour operator in the city. The wide popularity and fame Lazarian resort can book a room here in almost any Russian tour operator. As a general rule, accommodation in a private family hotel a little bit cheaper than the big hotels. Small Hotel can offer guests high quality service, hospitality and ancillary services, such as free trips to the village center in Sochi, etc. Holidays in the private sector in the Lazarev has its obvious advantages. The main advantage of the rest – its low cost, determined in the first place, competition.

Despite the popularity of the resort, a place in the private sector is always there. And this is not the plywood coops, in which guests were settled ten years ago. Today, this trick will not work. Today the owners of private houses prefer to invest in the construction of luxurious private suites in order to attract guests, who, perhaps, will come again next year. Many owners of private houses offer additional services – breakfast and dinner, food supply, transfer to airport and railway station. Air conditioning and a Jacuzzi in the apartment already removed are not uncommon, and without exception, private rooms for rent are equipped with private facilities and shower. Renting private apartments are also popular in the Lazarev. For moderate money can rent a flat, equipped with everything needed for a carefree holiday, from furniture to tableware. This form place finds its supporters among families with children or couples. And finally, the rental cottages. This is a great opportunity to retreat for a romantic getaway. Lazarevskoe actively built, and part of the new building is a cottage just for the rent. Find deals on this type of vacation is very simple. Enough to take advantage of the numerous advertisements on the Internet or to resort to using a tour operator.