Someone Smarter

In mice, squirrels, sparrows, this body is a hundred times bigger and weighs about a gram. In cats it is more and weighs 30 grams, the dog – 100 g, the great apes – 450 g. Finally, the man – an average of 1400 full advantage of the latest? Lest so! Brain weight of the […]

Palmira Village

Its Alvine one bought a land in the Palmira village and vendeu the house of the Amaro Saint in the early 70’s in Campo Grande. Chevron U.S.A. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. As fast needed to change itself, it started the construction of a our house it raised and it […]

Industrial Plants

And if this guide man works poorly, it will continue to work just because she did not notice, did not help advice. In industrial plants where the work is evaluated according to the number of products, compliance with the rules says for itself, especially when the word will have its department of technical control. Mental […]


– But it will be that everything this justifies that these modern parents, continue if to seat to the table of the meals and only to find asinhas of the hen? To answer to these and others, it follows a relation of 10 questions that we must observe to better be able to evaluate the […]