The Peugeot Partner is a small van produced by Group PSA and that is sold so much by the Peugeot mark as Citren from 1996, one is a type of van that is very being demanded in the market of renting of cars thanks to its good characteristics for the transport of load and unloading. In the models different possibilities for the load from two places, as well as for passengers of five places exist. The model has no, one or two lateral doors according to the year and the version; the back inner door is of two leaves of horizontal opening in the Partner and vertical opening in the Berlingo. The model was restyled in the year 2000, with a differentiated frontal more between both models. The model in line has front traction with trasversales front motors of four cylinders. The gasoline CB is 1,1 60 liters of, 1,4 75 liters of CB, 1,8 90 liters of CB and 1,6 109 liters of CB; except for most powerful, the other are of two valves by cylinder. The diesel engine CB, 1,6 90 is 1,9 70 liters atmospheric of liters of 75 or CB and 2,0 90 liters of CB, these two last with turbocompressor and direct injection common-rail. The new Partner owns a lifting capacity of up to 800 kg. In addition, in few days they will be able I will acquire the units of the Partner equipped with motor e-HDI, that have the blocks diesel with the Solar System Stop& Start, that will be able to reduce the consumption of important form in urban passage. The data declared by Peugeot indicate that the CO2 emissions are reduced until the 125 g/km in the case of the units with Tepe completion. Besides the shutdown and start unit of the motor, the Partner also improves the aerodynamics with a closed front calender and with tires of smaller friction.

Attract Guide

If your goal is to attract women of high quality and enter into a relationship, you will have to create your own high quality to adapt to life. What can offer a woman like this that will attract to its naturally, preferences of women can vary from each other therefore which are more in question here are aspects in your life than some needs in the work so that you effectively a capture of high quality heart of women.? Integrity: A life with honor must always be considered, and you must have a character with a strong sense of moralality. The probability that can attract a woman of high quality if they seem to deal with the Affairs of the corner some thugs, participate in an uncertain or unstable business and live a life full of vices and defects more likely is that is nothing. It is necessary that appear the woman as a truth, a respectable man who has a strong moral character. Life styles: its level of life represents the type of person who are, by so you must be aware of this. For example, if your lifestyle involves whiling away from their corner end them on weekends in bars, clubs, etc, it is likely that you would be not wanted by any woman in high quality. However, if you visit the nice places, to listen to quality jazz bands, or get involved with the honorable activities such as Habitat for humanity or any other charity work, then you can make the type of prior right of women notice.

Appearance: You are without a doubt more attracts women who not only, of course, handsome, but cares much about the way that sees itself and delivery. As you can see a woman and maybe you want your way, don’t be surprised if he asks for something similar with regard to their preparation for you will have that give more than their physical attributes can offer from personal hygiene is more a problem. The use of handsome and proper clothing is as important as keeping clean fingernails and cared for and your nose hairs listing. Well as the old refresh n goes, “Birds of a feather herd together”. If you want to call the attention of women of high quality, then you have to live a quality of life of its own, seeing that it is as simple as getting a higher quality by women have better quality of life. Assumes that you cannot continuously pretend to be someone who they are not, but at least could make several changes in their current quality of life.

When you want to live a life of quality, you could simply improve what we already have. You can continue to enjoy the things that make you Ma s happy, but there are ways that may improve many aspects that make you more sought after by women in high quality.! This may involve obtaining higher education, have a new passion, or participating in persecutions of charities, etc frame original PS, Look this site that i found about barcelona escorts. It is in spanish: barcelona escorts.


If you want to thin thighs I have the good news to you: the region of the legs has the greatest muscles of all your body, therefore it will be easier to work them and therefore to embellish them. Now you can say to me, but I only want that the fat is eliminated, I do not need muscles, and I will say to you, that to fortify muscles she will accelerate the process of incredible way. The muscles by themselves are catalytic of your metabolism, will cause that the fat in rest is even burned when the worked region very has been exercised. For the women it is very important that they know this: They are not scared to make routines of weights, always has the bad thought that will be gotten to see very muscular. This is lie, the muscular women who see extra train too much or hormones become congested.

The women we do not produce the amount of testosterone of a man which disables that we are ourselves bulky. To make exercises for us, will cause that we are ourselves firm and incredible. Again, before decirte what to do exactly, ten in it tells that to thin your thighs it is an operation of all your body, works all your body and your thighs will become thin. The following steps put emphasis in the thighs but you do not forget enfocarte in all your body. It follows these steps to burn fat of your thighs. 1. It watches what you eat.

It adds more protein and fiber to your diet. The fiber maintains your thin and healthful body, whereas the protein accelerates the process of recovery of your muscles and the effect of your exercises 2. The cord jumps It tries to jump the cord of 3 to 4 times per week.


Eunice, young woman of supplied family, had an only boyfriend, namoro lasted eight years. They said the bad languages that Eunice went to make weddings of silver of namoro. Certain day the boyfriend disappeared. It engravidou a girl and married obliged in the policy. , already also had of this.

The marriage in I police was fast, did not run the proclamations. In the notary’s office he was more delayed. Eunice had a escultural body, was what they said; in the beach, bathing suit, it called attention. She was cautious and she was the first woman of its generation that left house to work in bank, bank clerk. In the banks woman it did not have time. Eunice was and took one takes of young women following its footprints. It gave everything of itself to be best and was the first one to assume one manages.

When this happened Eunice already counted on thirty and five years, and never more nobody namorou. It did not have time! Until in the bank he appeared a youngster of its age that was owner of a net of hotels. Eunice if enamored, brought up to date the enxoval and ordered the fianc dress. Its family was radiating, ordered party, Eunice happy and certain day appeared in the young bank a very simple ones that brought obtains a child who presented as being son of the fianc of Eunice. The child was the face of the father. Eunice questioned the fianc who confessed to be the father of the child; the young woman worked in the hotel and as it was of legal age was not obliged to marry. Eunice returned the alliance, the letters, did not only return the Neruda because it kept to read later. It congregated its familiar ones and communicated that she more did not go to marry. Its mother if despaired because its son went to be spoken and argued that the party was paid and the ready dress of fianc and that Eunice had a reputation to watch over.