The Number

The principle of the game is simple – to bring down all the pins on the track. If a player coped with this task, the result will be called "strike" and the frame is closed. If a certain number of pins still standing after the first roll, the player has left another attempt and throws the second ball. If the remaining skittles in dalos knock, it will be "spares", if one pin or more stand after the second attack, the result will be "open frame". In this case, the player is awarded to only the number of points, which corresponds to the number of fallen pins. Home cunning professionals – the largest number of players in the bowling centers achieve results, knocking home, the first, bowling.

But the more experienced players are thrown into the so-called "pocket" – a major kingpin to the right or on the left. If 10 pins are knocked down with the first throw in the tenth frame, the player is awarded two prizes throw, and if the second shot – one. Scored points in every frame is the number of pins knocked down (except for throws "Strike" and "spares"). If a player knocks down 10 pins with the first throw (the strike – is denoted by "X"), points in this frame are calculated based on 10 + prize points (total score for two consecutive throws). If a player knocks down 10 pins in two throws in the same frame (spares – "/"), designated number of points in this frame is calculated based on 10 + prize points (points for a subsequent shot.) If a player crosses the foul, the throw does not count regardless of the number of pins knocked down.

Brown Debt

Today the exchange rate is around $2 norteamewricanos per pound sterling, so the prices in pounds are always double in U.S. currency. As the central article of the newspaper The Independent debt level advertised (43 billion) is equivalent to 3.2% of the product, something which violates the Treaty of Maastricht, which only allows a ceiling of 3%. In addition, it continues that source, debt could end up surpassing the 78 billion because we must take into account the nearly 60 billion package to rescue the semi-quebrado Bank Northern Rock, who has just be nationalized. As the debt grows the Government will attempt of reducing it increasing taxes and reducing spending on social benefits. In this budget it is estimated that there will be an extra 3.2 billion taken out to taxpayers in this triennium. Criticism of Conservative leader David Cameron questioned the Government for having the largest public deficit in Western Europe, for having responded to the reduction of the credit with a reduction of its own credibility and by raising taxes (towards reaching the highest levels in history) rather than reduce them to encourage private investors (following the example of the USA). Instead, the liberal-democrata leader Nick Clegg argues that measures of Darling point to benefit to the super-rich and penalize the poorest, as mothers and single parents.

John McDonnell, the contender from Brown at labour internal, accuses his Government said that it will eliminate child poverty when it only seeks to resolve cases of 250,000 poor children out of a total of 2.5 million of them. The sectors most affected by the new taxes are alcohol, tobacco, and polluting cars. These measures have been well received by several groups of doctors and ecologists because they believe that this would reduce youth alcohol abuse or pollution. However, many advertised various taverns could close.

The Ration

On the other hand, an extreme ventilation in the cold time cause brusque changes in the internal temperature of the shed. Without an appropriate ventilation the ammonia concentrates if, and this is a definitive danger. As the chickens grow its requirement in ventilation increase, therefore it is of the biggest importance the cool air movement in the shed (One of the primary causes of respiratory problems consolidates in me the air circulation). The suggested ventilation of winter must be placed in next levels to the necessary ones to keep pollutant gases in tolerable amount low and. At time of intense heat, we have as objective main of the ventilation, if to keep low the temperature of the installation, to remove the heat produced for the birds. In the summer, in hot days with little air circulation, it becomes if necessary the use of electric fans to banish hot air, to make to circulate cool air and to become more pleasant the internal temperature. Other important factors related the construction of the shed exist and that also they can be considered as being basic parts of a ventilation system, and that basically they favor the cool air inlet and also the exit of air vitiated and loaded of humidity.

5. The ILLUMINATION the application of programs of light for cut chickens basically aims at an increase of the ration consumption, in such a way, improving its zootcnico performance, its importance still becomes bigger at time of intense heat, therefore the normal occurrence of a temperature lower in this schedule will go to stimulate the birds to eat. To reach a good efficiency with the light programs, some rules must be followed: the use of an ideal number of lmens as of the shed uniform of the light bulbs the substitution and, the distribution, the area maintenance same duly clean its when burnt, beyond the job of reflectors.