Estadio Centenario

The city of Montevideo is a city very beautiful and a very important cultural content, and if you’re thinking about visiting it I recommend the official company site tourism Excellence where you will find a lot of options to make different tours by Montevideo, so do not stay without knowing any of the most important places of this beautiful city. Among some of the places to visit la rambla of Montevideo, is in its entirety points exist as for example the rambla of the Park rodo, or of pocitos, where down to stroll there or see the incredible sunsets, make sure it’s a site that can not miss on the route. Another interesting visit is to know the Estadio Centenario, to get to know one of the emblems of the Uruguayan and world football, among other things, it was there where he played the first final of the world, in which Uruguay could beat Argentina to consecrate himself as the first champion. Finally a visit to the capital of the Uruguay culminates a walk through the residential district Carrasco, to later go to la rambla United Nations, to see a last view of the city at night.

The Guide

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Today day study of the English language in Russia has changed radically. There are special establishments where the corresponding Paice teachers instruct the language. They have put in practice the statement abroad, for example in England. Why the time present the youth of the age 25 and more minors already know how to speak English (on all those who have wanted to study it). However even now I advise those who are willing to travel to Russia, consult the guide of the conversation in that page, then still only the minor part of the Russian people speak English perfectly.