The Thought

This insistence is the impossibility that does not allow that the occult disposal for the proper farewell of each sacrifice is contested. The sacrifice has its native land in the essence of that event that is the being called the man for the truth the being. The craze of the ends confuses the cleanness of the humble respect (prepared for the anguish) of the courage for the sacrifice, that it presumes to live in the neighborhood of the indestructible one. The essential thought black attention to the slow signals of what it cannot be calculated and in it recognizes the advent of the unavoidable one, that not to be anticipated for the o thought. The assistant who this quick thought does not provoke success because it does not need repercussion. The essential thought assists with its simple insistence in being-there in the measure where in it if it unchains what it is similar, without it, however, of this could to make use or exactly to only know. According to Heidegger the thought, docile to the voice of the being, looks for to find it word through which the truth of the being arrives at the language.

Saying of the thought comes of silence long kept and the careful clarificao of the scope in opened it. Of equal nominating the poet. The thought says the being. The poet nominates the sacred one. One of the basic places where born in the kingdom the poverty of the language is the anguish, in the direction of the astonishment, in which the abyss of the nothing makes use the man. The nothing, while the other of the being is the veil of the being. The last poetry of the last poet of old Greece, dipo in colonists, of Sfocles, locks up with the word that incompressibly return on the occult history of this people and conserves its start in ignota truth of the being.

Educator Knowledge

This enterprise vision inside of the educational contemporaneidade has stimulated each time more the sprouting of what economicus is called Homo, that is, in redescoberta of the main principle of the classic liberal economy. (GORDON apud HISSES, 1994, P. 221). The redefinition of citizen based in the individualism and the society of consumption is seen from this conception. In this manner, it was asked, which is the social paper of the education in the age of the information? The education also has this commitment. It is basic that the professor folloies the technological development, universal education even though because the pupil, to the times, has more access to this technology of what the proper educator. this technological education is not mentioned only to the use of the computer, but it is to show for educating what it has of action politics when using this computer. Antenar with what it is happening in the world.

… Thus, the professor can use charge, the film, and bring for classroom, even though to buy books for the Internet. The professors still are the responsible set for the communication. They are perpetual researchers and the pupil perceives when the professor is not compromised to an education of quality. (Teacher 1) the education is the base of everything. The professor is the responsible one to stimulate the search of the knowledge on the part of the pupil. It also has that to make use itself to know, and even for obligation, in order to help and to direct the pupil. He does not obtain yourself to think the education without computerization.

The professor must awake for this. Even because the Internet, for example, is a door opened for the knowledge, where you can know the diverse areas of the knowledge, also to guide them on the positive points and negative how much to the use of the Internet in correct way, and, the professors and the parents are responsible therefore. The educator tries to follow these innovations in the world contemporary. (Teacher 2) the contribution of the use of the technology Is undeniable in benefits of one quality education. The diffusion of the new technologies has made possible a bigger access to the knowledge, mainly the what concerns the use of the Internet. Therefore it is so important to demand this knowledge of the professor whom it needs to modernize itself with these changes in order to enrich practical its. Moreover, the educators are vehement how much to the use of the technology in the educational scope, therefore the educator must always is antenado with the challenges considered by the age of the information. Being thus, he will be prepared to teach these informatizados educandos always in search of new knowledge and to make of this half news an ally for a pleasant, dynamic and respeitadora lesson of the limits of each educating. Consideraes final a observed similar idea in elapsing of the studies carried through for the development of this work inside mentions the dissociao to it between speech and practical professor of the conceptions of education in the contemporaneidade, that if has become each more competitive time, given exignc

Physical Education

The patient merit, would suffer who it, when it reached the most perfect repayment. With the tip of a punhal? Who would take packs, moaning and sweating under the fatigante life, if the distrust of some thing after the death; – This unknown region whose rays never travelling some crossed in return; – It did not put in them to fly for others, not known? The thought thus in acovarda, and thus is that if it has covered the normal tez of the decision, with the pale and ill tone of melancholy. since that in them they arrest such cogitaes, companies of high target and that well high they glide is turned aside from route and ceases if calling action even though (…) ‘ ‘. It is observed in the act, true philosophical presentation in speaks of the personage, i. it is., a search of the understanding of the reality, in the direction to apprehend it na its inteireza.

It will be this possible one to the man? Passed as many years, the same doubts staged in the part, they continue permeando the mind and the behavior of the man in the current society. Many times, this same society is influenced by the modismo of the time and for the false propagation of ideal, mainly massificado in the mind of the population, for a media (of all the types) descompromissada with the social welfare, it has seen that its main focus is the hearing and the profitability. This and other factors have taken this being, if to distanciar of its natural origin, that is, of its true ‘ ‘ ser’ ‘ (its coming to the world). Searching to acquire/to present characteristics that in swim they condizem with its nature biological and physical. They is esteem that people who adopt this position, start to live a existencial crisis, a true conflict between ‘ ‘ to be and estar’ ‘. In the truth, they know what ‘ ‘ so’ ‘ , but they do not want to accept the form as they had been conceived to the world. Therefore, they appeal to the modern surgical interventions, changing total its skill of being (aesthetic).

E searchs in the laws the guarantee of its rights (change of the register name and sort); it swims more than what reasonable. However, nor one and nor another one, will have the capacity to move what it is invariant. Thus, no matter how hard they make look like ‘ ‘ ser’ ‘ (the existencial conflict remains), never it they will be, but, ‘ ‘ estaro’ ‘ in the world.

Construction Process

In the measure where this opening for itself occurs to the opening for the other, he is to open space for itself, to be part of the proper life and history. But what he is of basic importance he is that the discovery process of the man also is a construction process. He is to construct itself exactly, not as a technological process, where the machine already leaves everything soon, an equal one to the other, is a process ‘ ‘ artesanal’ ‘ , where the craftsman constructs the sculpture with all well-taken care of, observing all the details, correcting to each defect shaping the Being, offering a little of itself for the other, so that this another one is also part of it, is as if the man if constructed, and not yet he was defined. In the measure where it goes if discovering, it goes having a transformation that the Being goes following of well next form, leaving of itself exactly. This that if constructs, that if transforms, if discovers, if it is part of itself, it is also that unfinished workmanship, that at every moment has something to be modified and to be transformed. But we know that some types of sculptures exist, as those that are constructed in soft and delicate way, or also those that they are of coarse more rigid form, to the times is necessary some rigid instruments that using the form can only be made the workmanship.

It is as if at every moment of our life and to each hammer blow we fossemos to the few giving forms to the Being. This type of construction can to the times be until painful, but the result of the finished workmanship is compensating. At every moment where the man if discovers, it also goes if constructing, changedding themselves, leaving of a rude substance, for a workmanship cousin. This construction goes being formed to the few, without definitive time. It is to leave that the time makes its work. It is turned question: He will be that the man knows itself total exactly? The human being is the Being that is in constant construction, is an unfinished workmanship. Something always exists to be retouched, remodelled, or to the times until reconstructed. But, this to happen is necessary to leave itself to construct thus to come close it the maximum of its accomplishment as To be, therefore the human being never knows itself exactly as totality, but it goes if knowing to the measure that goes if constructing.