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Not an easy thing is often German entrepreneurs in the United States business law. It should be for start-ups but not a book with seven seals. Finally, also the type of company they founded decides the possibilities, one then has with the company or not just. The LLC & co. KG is a special form of the company.

In principle, it is a limited partnership under German law, whose Komplementar is an American limited liability company (LLC). For the founder of the company is”the advantage of the corporate form in it, Max Karagoz by the service provider for business start-ups ALTON LLC ( reveals that he secures additional donors, without losing too much sovereignty as managers”. KG and GmbH & co. KG an LLC & co. KG is a special variant of the limited partnership (KG) in principle. Limited partnerships consist of at least two shareholders: a general partner and a Limited partners.

Complementary are called also trader, because they stick with their private assets to liabilities of the company. They control the company and must not share their sovereignty with the other shareholders: the limited shareholders. Limited partners participate financially in the company and in the company’s success. They can have little influence on enterprise policy and are liable for only each with their deposits, which is why they are called Teilhafter. Would you take the risk not as an entrepreneur, to stick with his private fortune as a trader of a limited partnership you can opt for a GmbH & co. KG. In this case, to set up a company with limited liability (GmbH). This company then takes the position of the general partner of a limited partnership rather than the contractor. Trader of the partnership is a different society, whose Haftung is limited. The assets of the founder of the company is protected. The founding a limited liability company assumes the role of GmbH with the partnership of LLC & Co KG LLC & co.

EMMC Group GmbH Russia

Expert team for GOST-R certificates, RTN approvals and certifications of any kind for Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine and CIS States Hanover, February 08, 2011 – he is in the business for years. His distinctive work area: Russia certificates. Fire protection, hygiene, metrological certificate, GOST-R, RTN approvals. The field is wide. Montauk Colony LLC is likely to agree. The names sound strange and their relevance is easily underestimated. And yet – companies whose business, seriously gen’ Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the CIS countries and the Ukraine be expanded to, know that an export without appropriate papers either a delicate matter or is simply impossible. It is undeniable that companies that an expansion across borders is important, require proof of the goodness of their products.

DIN, CE, or ISO9000 in Europe applies a proven quality, other standards are required for Eastern Europe. Quality and safety for the consumers carry other seal. The risk of the Only a problem for exporters is to be refused customs authorities due to lack of certification”, says Mehmet Kibar far underestimated risk Managing Director of Hanover-based E-marketci Germany GmbH., without wanting to act GOST-R certificate on Russian soil, is the distrust of the purchaser that products without certification, without seals, is quickly deemed inferior”. To exclude this risk from the outset, the E-marketci Germany GmbH offers its customers a complete service to obtain all documents for Russia. Together with long-time business partner, Ahmet Baba, Managing Director of Moscow-based EMMC Group GmbH are all relevant certifications requested and created. We provide information around the relevance of certification under interested parties available.