Rehabilitation Projects

Either in the construction of a new infrastructure or in the preparation of an existing route or, the tasks related to the firm ones must will lead their complete definition from all the points of view. First stage of the project in relation to the firm ones consists of defining which are their locations. Existing roads, borders, extensions, routes on watch etc. The study of the firm ones must start off from a precise knowledge of the drawn up one present and if it is different from the drawn up one final at which it is wanted to arrive after the rehabilitation. Later it is necessary to analyze what material and that efforts we must to realise the stabilization. the ground treatments with lime and cement are those that are used more.

But coverall is necessary to analyze the state of the firm one that we are going to rehabilitate in situ by means of a recycling in cold. The phases in the evaluation of the firm one are: Study of the file of the firm one? Recognition by means of visual inspection? Diagnosis of the state of the firm one? Characterization of the materials in laboratory After studying all these factors is possible, that for a same case it has more than a possible solution, for that reason it is necessary to be more analytical and to analyze the best option. In these cases, one is due to evaluate the functional requirements that can make one or the other layer favourite of tread. Original author and source of the article.


The interest in the research of a still unknown subject for great part of the professors justifies front to the papers that the technology has played in the daily one of the people I try and it of one practical innovator for Geographic Science, presenting a theoretical base for the inclusion of the same in the practical professors and relating with the modern geographic thought, seeing in a critical way the current reality of Brazilian education. By means of bibliographical research in articles and books in the practical areas of of education and computer science as well as theoretical and critical analysis of the boarded subjects, the importance of Objects of Learning will be evidenced as a tool for the geography education. For in such a way, one initiates the work with one brief reflection on the paper of the education in the present time, which the conflicts and the perspectives, as well as the paper of geography, standing out the necessity to innovate the lessons. After that she will be shown what she is, as if to work with OA in classroom and the main repositories of this resource, being shown the importance of this practical and as it contributes for the teach-learning in a renewed perspective that has as main element the learning of the pupil, not it approach in the professor, who will be able to act as a way for the construction it knowledge..

Crisis Of The Fuel And Increase Of The Prices Of Foods

The world lives a growth sped up in the oil consumption, due to transformation of the globalizada economy, thus provoking crisis in fuels and increasing the prices of foods. According to president of the World Bank (Bird), Robert Zoellick (NOTICE 24h, on-line, Anabb, economy, 02/07/08), ' ' an increase in the global production of oil can help to brighten up the prices of fuels and foods. ' ' Still, following that the production of the oil in the countries of the Organization of the Exporting Countries of Oil and of is of the OPEP it fell, and that a necessity exists clearly to raise the total production. The increase of the demand took the producing countries to extract until the limit of its capacity. They do not have as to get more oil. Moreover, she has a saturation in the transport capacity and refining, mainly in the United States. She offers of oil in the world continues lesser of what the demand, what she justifies the high prices, much above of what he was waited for this year. Exactly that countries producing members of OPEP decided to increase production in 2,5 million barrels for day, that is the capacity that they have for short term, would not provoke significant reduction of the prices, because this volume is very small to make front what the necessary world.

The result of this is that it is having a change of habit on the part of the consumers, mainly in the countries richest. The high one of the price of the fuel coincides with the necessity to reduce the emission of gases that provokes the effect greenhouse (gases produced with the fsseis fuel burning) and this provoked one ' ' boom' ' in the production of biocombustveis in the entire world. When analyzing these facts, that most of the time provoke divergences and much speculation, of pra to imagine what it will go to happen when this resource to deplete. .

Brazilian Public

Of all the players heard for the news article, none had IDO to the cinema to see the film, much even so some admits the interest. Between the trainers, the constatao was accurately the same one. The world of the soccer, so far, ignored its Rei.&#039 greater; ' (VIANA, 2004, p.c8). Logically that if the players were to see the film, the image of the same would be much more attractive to the public. However the marketing campaign is that it must have this work, to become the film most interesting all the public and until inviting the players to attend the film as spreading strategy: ' ' Some errors in the spreading strategy, the competition with other productions and until the fact of the advertising campaign not to have been directed for the young public also would explain the phenomenon. Other films that estrearam at the same time had had very bigger success, as ' ' Cazuza? the time not para' ' , seen for nothing less of what 1,5 million pessoas.' ' (VIANA, 2004, p.c8). Another argued hypothesis is of that films of the documentary sort do not facilitate the sale.

Brazil has tradition in novels and therefore ficcionais dramas tend to have greater appeal public? ' ' Two children of Francisco' ' for example, it is a biography as ' ' Eterno&#039 skin; ' however it relieved much more: ' ' Eterno&#039 skin; ' it was launched in 150 rooms, being seen by 53.286 people in the first end of week, giving average of 355,2 spectators for place (LOSCHPE, 2009, web page). ' ' Two children of Francisco' ' he got in the total 5.319.677 spectators? being therefore the third attended film more of the Brazilian cinema. The fact is that other biographies had been launched ficcionalmente because they obtain to dramatizar and to romantizar the sufferings and the conquests of its personages? in a country where novels and help the poor persons are certainty of ibope, the idealizao that was made on the figure of Skin, really did not have time.

Estadio Centenario

The city of Montevideo is a city very beautiful and a very important cultural content, and if you’re thinking about visiting it I recommend the official company site tourism Excellence where you will find a lot of options to make different tours by Montevideo, so do not stay without knowing any of the most important places of this beautiful city. Among some of the places to visit la rambla of Montevideo, is in its entirety points exist as for example the rambla of the Park rodo, or of pocitos, where down to stroll there or see the incredible sunsets, make sure it’s a site that can not miss on the route. Another interesting visit is to know the Estadio Centenario, to get to know one of the emblems of the Uruguayan and world football, among other things, it was there where he played the first final of the world, in which Uruguay could beat Argentina to consecrate himself as the first champion. Finally a visit to the capital of the Uruguay culminates a walk through the residential district Carrasco, to later go to la rambla United Nations, to see a last view of the city at night.

The Guide

For example, the mother of the author during all school years learned the English language. First through fourth grade she studied in a school and to pass to 4 the French language degree students instruian. But his father, i.e. my grandfather, did you study at another school where English learned while that school was located well away from your home and why was necessary each day go there on the bus and it took considerable time. In addition to that my mother was studying English at University for 2 years. However she can translate text in English, more or less understands what you are saying at imgles the Chinese, the Arabs, the Poles i.e. such persons for which English is not the native language. But what about English people (Americans, British, etc), were saying is, for which the native language is English, she not them understood.

For example, listening to any TV channel in English, she understood only a few words (approximately 10 percentages). It was likely that organizing such a program of instruction to end that could not communicate with foreigners. Because before almost all Soviet people didn’t have the possibility to go abroad (except to some people and that part It had various percentages of all Russian people, maybe 1-2%). That time there was the teoln of steel. Some foreigners came to the USSR for purpose of vacation or other causes but the Russian people could not talk to them.

Today day study of the English language in Russia has changed radically. There are special establishments where the corresponding Paice teachers instruct the language. They have put in practice the statement abroad, for example in England. Why the time present the youth of the age 25 and more minors already know how to speak English (on all those who have wanted to study it). However even now I advise those who are willing to travel to Russia, consult the guide of the conversation in that page, then still only the minor part of the Russian people speak English perfectly.

Best Restaurants

When Japanese food sushi type it comes two things happen or you love it or you hate it. Actually there is a midpoint, and why would well have to do with the sushi is prepared with raw fish and some other ingredients that generate very different reactions in each of us. Those who adore sushi agree that there are useful tips that can help anyone who wants to know how to identify a good restaurant of sushi in the city. With these recommendations can enjoy sushi to the maximum: the freshness of the fish takes note of some establishments in your city and visit them. Discover more about delmejor sushi by visiting our page of Sushi in Guadalajara. A good way to identify good sushi restaurants is to verify that they have a bar where the products used for the preparation of your food are deployed. The objective of showing their products in these showcases is precisely so you can check the freshness of their fish and other ingredients. Pay attention to fish.

It is important that look juicy, are not dry and are in reality the same products that the chef is using for cooking. If you discover that the fish that are visible are not the same used in the dishes, she asked what the reason. Good sushi establishment boasts with pride products used in your kitchen and the freshness of the same; After all, this delicate gastronomic art depends largely on the freshness of the fish. On the assumption that the establishment does not show your customers products and fish openly, then perhaps it is better to look for another place to eat. If you want to eat good sushi, stay away from sushi establishments type buffet here return to place emphasis on the quality and the restaurants that offer you eat everything you can, almost of insurance preparing sushis in large quantities and much earlier. Sushi while I can have more time saved, more loses its freshness.

You don’t need to pay large amounts for a quality sushi, it is likely that your city offers excellent choices of sushi at reasonable prices. It is easy to fall into the temptation eat sushi to fill more no power but almost for sure finished looking forward to eating less but better. This is the main reason why sushi enthusiasts prefer the traditional establishments. Another sign that the establishment is a good sushi restaurant is that they allow you to order each dish separately or if they must be ordered everyone from the very beginning. Often an excellent quality sushi restaurant want to offer their customers the best possible experience and is therefore important to be able to savor each dish regardless. It is very important to note that the sushi isn’t fast food but rather a delicate art of gastronomy Japanese., this may well indicate that the chef is not really trained to prepare this type of food. Enjoy the specialties of the House Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to order with the specialties of the chef. This is an excellent way to discover delicious sushis flavors and dishes. Although the chef’s specialties are not always your favorite dishes, I assure you that most of the time will be surprised. If you want to know the best sushi restaurants, just visit our Sushi in Guadalajara. It reaches thousands of customers with our positioning services on the Web.

Euro Ball

started to be applied aofutebol. The passed year, with Euro 2008 and 09 Fifa the game continued to aevoluir. The rhythm went up a little and was perfect, some foramcorrigidos lapses and the result was recognized for criticizes it to all as omelhor game of soccer of the new generation. Realism is the word key when it is said of the jogabilidade of Fifa10. The players can for the first time move themselves in any direco, instead of the 8 traditional ones. This newness frees the paramovimentos players never before visas. The physics of the ball is completamenteindependente and roa the perfection.

This makes possible an infinite number dejogadas and makes with that each game is a completely new history. Exactly without the ball in the feet, the game is emotive and each more real time. The players dispute the positions body the body and try to protect> abola or to unbalance the adversary. The soccer is a contact game eFifa 10 portraies this fact in the best way until a dates. The maisreais keep-nets also are more intelligent and are each time. It has an additional direction of urgency that takes the players to adespachar the ball in any way in pressed situations.

Murro in the ball of the keep-nets can serum or a desperate kick of one defesaquando is gives to be exceeded by the aggressor. Estescomportamentos becomes the players most human and the maisemocionante game. In Fifa 08 the arbitrator was invisible, appearing only for darcartes. The last year was inserted in the game and this year still has maisdestaque. Without being necessary to appeal the chamber changes, the rbitroapita, it informs the players and of the cards. 0ccasionally the ball acertamesmo in the judge and change of trajectory. The Be way Pro continues to evolve and now ProfissionalVirtual is called. In this way we join a little of RPG to the game and have that criarum player and takes it until the o top.

Vivian Creacy

It is a menu that is always going to leave it satisfied, and that is very easy and fun to follow. You will never feel hunger. Good thing the truth about losing fat from the stomach sincerely, if you want a perfect abdominals or a toned abdomen, this is one of the few programs that will be of great utility. It is incredibly easy to follow, provides color photographs and simple instructions. The nutrition tips that the author gives are perfect, eats well, and it feels good to do so. You can contact Mike via email if you have any questions.

The truth about losing fat from the stomach not bad there are many bad things that can be said about the program, apart from that for the exercises required of a few basic implements that are listed in the book, and that in the event you don’t have them, easily can get them with a family member, a friend, etc. The program is honest, accurate, and very direct. What say the people? Hey Mike, I’ve been with your the truth about of the abdominal perfect program for 7 weeks now and I have successfully lost 20 pounds of body fat so far! My training and food habits have improved greatly based on the Council of your book and electronic newsletters. I feel like a new man! Thank you for everything. Matt Rosenow, Buffalo, NY (this was a testimony in English which was translated to the Spanish). Hi Mike, you’re incredible. My husband and I recently received your book of abdominal and we love it! We have also found your newsletters filled with lots of useful information.

We are so happy to have found your website. It continues to send all that good information. It is really helping us lead healthier lifestyles and best results. Thank you! Harry and Vivian Creacy, San Antonio, Texas (this was a testimony in English which was translated to the Spanish).Hi Mike, I just finished reading your e-book, and I have to say that it’s great! I’ve learned a lot. There are many false ideas I’ve had for years; However, your complete explanation has put my thoughts in order. Incidentally, trained level 1 today, and I have to say, WOW! I really feel my abdominals! Helsa Wong, Canada (this was a testimony in English which was translated to the Spanish). Words end and tips the truth about losing fat from the stomach generally lose fat from the stomach is one of the best books you can get on the subject. Sincerely recommend it much. It is not the typical book of abdominal exercises. With this book you are receiving the best information and of very high quality in a single package, the hand of Mike Geary, a prominent and qualified professional. If you think that losing fat from the stomach is one scam, then think about it. Once more experience never will require another program to exercise your abdominals. It is one of the most comprehensive books on the subject that you have been able to find, and with the help of the get your abdominals that everyone wants.

Trinidad Benham Corporation

UU. It focuses on the export of oil, which reached in 2006 around 37. 000 billion dollars, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. In terms of exports of goods and services from the United States to Venezuela, they reached a value of 9 in 1999. 795 million dollars, and after getting off in 2003 to 5. in 2006, 921 million, exceeded 15.

000 million dollars. Of this figure, most are basic food products as a result of shortages in the domestic production of Venezuela. Despite Chavez’s anti-imperialist rhetoric, this is still buying enormous amounts of staple foods from United States. The country of North America is largest provider of Venezuela, for the export of dairy products, wheat, corn, meat and oil, which account for 35 percent of the country’s domestic consumption. Precisely, the vegetable oil included in combo PDVAL food, which the Venezuelan Government intended to alleviate the shortage of supply between the population, comes from a company of feeding American, the Cal Western Packaging (CWP), with offices in the States of Tennessee and Texas. Like beans (black beans) and rice, which are also part of this subsidized food package and which come from the Trinidad Benham Corporation company.

This means that three of the four foods that make up the basic basket of food (2 kilos of rice), 1 kilo of black beans, 1 liter of vegetable oil and 1 liter of milk come from United States.. News. BBC. co. UK. venamcham. orgwww. fmcenteresnoticia. com view Eng. industrial, lawyer. EGADE (ITESM), UC. Universidad de Chile postgraduate master’s degrees in administration of companies mention markets, human resources; Quality and productivity; Doctoral education in Educacionprofesor holder and researcher Faces UC graduate Area.

Cisco Partner Summit

Cisco completed the purchase of Tidal Software, Inc., a developer of management and automation solutions of intelligent applications with headquarters in Palo Alto, California, and Houston, Texas. Leading associations of the 4 quarter of fiscal year 2009: Cisco presented a series of ambitious initiatives designed to help its global community to survive in this difficult economic environment as they prepare for the improvement. Cisco announced the winners the prizes to the best global partners and channel of 2009 at its meeting Cisco Partner Summit in Boston. Information about the Conference: date: August 5, 20013 time: To listen on the Internet: we offer live transmission and an audio recording of the Conference along with the visual material presented in. To listen by phone: (due to the limited number of lines available, we suggest that you make your call about 30 minutes before the start of the Conference).

RSVP: is not necessary to repeat: from 4: 30 PM (PT) of the 6 of August of 2009 and until 4: 30 PM (PT) on August 13, 2009, is available a telephone recording of the Conference on the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2013. The recording is available 24 hours every day of the week. You can also find a webcast on the Cisco investor relations website:. The press release with the financial results for the quarter will be published in section News@Cisco. About Cisco Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide leader in networking that transforms how people connect, communicate, and collaborate.

You can find information about Cisco at. For recent news, visit. Cisco, Cisco Systems and the Cisco Systems logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and are used by the company or its subsidiaries under license in other countries.

Liberty Reserve

Guia Newbiee!, how to start in the volatile world of the Hyips to start in the world of the hyips, as well as in everyday life, have to have a site where we can save our money. A site where this insurance, where we can move it freely in a project to another. (1) Open an account in a processor of payments there are several companies that offer this service, such as Liberty reserve, Perfect Money, Alert Pay. Finally, on the market there are options to choose. But for now I recommend you open a Liberty Reserve account. Do by to Liberty Reserve?, well, most Hyips projects, handled this payment processor, you could almost say that 95% always will have the possibility to make your investments from here. So, that would be a very good first step.

(2) Changes cash by electronic money. You must think how much money you want to invest in the hyips, you can start testing with a small amount and in accordance with the results that they are giving you the projects in which you invest, you can decide whether to invest more or not. To make these changes of currency, you can also find a listing of companies that offer this service. Personally, I’ve always done my changes with Hispagold and so far they have responded well. (3) once you have money in your account, you can see our list of hyips, here I can give you an idea of which are the projects that are operating, which are under test and which are not paying. (4) Remember not to invest everything in one place!, divide your investment, giving priority to one of the projects that you think that this best ranked, having the best reputation or have more reports of payment. Once you meet these five steps, you can start browsing the volatile world of the hyips. If you have questions, please contact us in the Forum, or send us an email from the contact us form.

Texas Instruments

LG has a similar model, the LX9500, which holds the TruMotion system, of 480 Hz. 3. 3D TVs technology is the great technological invention of the year! -False 2010 is undoubtedly the year star for 3D TVs, but since some time ago some manufacturers have experimented with take three-dimensional images to the small screen. Since 2007, both Mitsubishi (English) and Samsung (English) have used the DLP technology from Texas Instruments to manufacture televisions 3D. Today Mitsubishi remains true to this technology that it has been improving over the years and Samsung is still using it in some of their TVs, while others have developed their own ways of creating 3D images.

4. The new generation of televisions 3D will arrive soon and need no glasses. -False many people have heard that there is a new technology in development that will allow to see 3D images without the need to wear glasses. It is not a rumor without foundation; Sony has already announced that he was working on the technology, Toshiba did the same and Nintendo has already demonstrated that it is possible achieve this through its new portable system, the Nintendo 3DS. However, say that this technology is coming for high-end TVs is too optimistic (not give false hopes). Some companies, such as Sony and Phillips, are at the forefront of this new stage in the industry, but have said that there is still long way to go. Although the technology is possible, their costs are exorbitant and everything indicates that they will continue to remain so for a few more years.

It is a concept yet, it is something that is working. Close in time may be, close to the average consumer in Colombia in terms of price, not, added the Valley. Another problem with current technology is the quality of the 3D effect.

Texas Woman

Staysha Herrera described the creature that attacked her as a malnourished dog of gray color. Says that he found the beast following his van and that at first he thought that only it was a thirsty dog, but at the time she offered a little water to the strange animal this replied with a bite on the hand. What generated the timely reaction of the Herrera family who acted with a few accurate shots that ended the life of the alleged chupacabras, the corpse of the strange creature was in the hands of the authorities who will be responsible for testing and determine what actually is. Vaccines against rabies as a precaution have meanwhile applied to Staysha Herrera. Officials from the region come only to the chupacabras as a contemporary legend. Supposedly, the creature is the size of a bear small, with a row of spines ranging from the neck to the base of the tail and this attacking cattle to drink his blood. Although the physical descriptions vary, people have reported several cases. The most frequent in Mexico. Original source of the news.

Jim Schermbeck

Just south of Dallas along Highway 67 in Midlothian is perhaps the country s largest concentration of cement mill plant. TXI, Holcim and Ash Grove all operate facilities within a couple of miles of each other, and the emissions they pump into the air tend to waft over Dallas when the winds are right, as they are for most of the year. Slurry electrolysis of metallic lead is galena oxidation and the metal lead in an electrolytic cell to restore the two processes, the metal lead electrolyzer schematic diagram below, the metal lead electrolyzer used diaphragm into the anode and cathode chamber chamber, the metal lead electrolytictank equipped with a stirring device and heating device, the anode material is graphite, the cathode material to lead the beginning of a pole piece. Those emissions represent the single largest source of air pollution in North Texas and pose a significant risk to human health, and local environmental group Downwinders at Risk have spent more than two decades lobbying for stricter rules. That seemed close to happening three years ago when the Obama administration began drafting what would be the first industry-wide regulations governing cement plants. The EPA held a trio of public nationwide, including one meeting at DFW airport, where 200 people showed up to speak in support of limiting emissions. Rules to that effect were proposed in 2010.

Then, nothing. Electrolytic metallic lead, lead concentrate being added to the anode chamber, galena oxidation of lead chloride and elemental sulfur in the lead concentrate, lead ions through the membrane on the cathode to sponge lead precipitation. Out of the sponge lead metal electrolytic lead to a certain period of time from the cathode chamber, the molten cast lead ingots; out the pulp from the anode chamber, while it is hot filtration, the filtrate return electrolyzer, residues for processing and nickle ore processing. At the very last minute, they pulled the rug out from everybody, says Downwinders director Jim Schermbeck. The proposal just kind of disappeared, Schermbeck says, and has now been replaced with much looser regulations that, among other things, double the amount of particulate matter that can be released and limit monitoring to test burns every couple of years. That seems contrary to the EPA s own determination that particulate matter may result in tens of thousands of death per year, and many more cases of illness among the U.S. population. Also, the new proposal to cone crusher production have the rules going into effect in 2015 instead of 2013, which could spell doom for any new rules if a Republican is elected president this fall.

The Fear

With the three requested procedures: acceptance of what it is difficult, to love the solitude and following the ways of silence, Rilke shows the Kappus that the moment of pain is of the growth. Then it asks for that to its ' ' aluno' ' he is calm, because it would be felt guided, exactly in way to a serious storm, exactly in the center it chaos or the eye of an emotional hurricane. Rilke explains: ' ' But everything this does not have to desorientar it. What one becomes necessary, it is however, this: solitude, a great interior solitude. To enter exactly in itself, not to find nobody during hours? here it is what if it must know alcanar' ' (p.48-49, paragraph 01). The author justifies in the next segment the pparently steep way to the solitude, to comfort the being, enternece the abandonment of the sounds and asks for to patience the Franz. He rewards it for Kappus, to if collecting to this solitude, would be of harmonic restoration e, moreover, to conceive of itself for itself the privilege of being set free of the fear of such nip: Therefore it is so important to be alone and intent when it is sad. The andino and pparently immovable moment where our future enters in us, is much more next to the life of what that one other, sonorous and accidental, where it supervenes in them as if he arrived of it are. The more we will be quiet, patient and you deliver our hurt, in such a way deeper and imperturbvel the newness enters in us, as much conquers better it, in such a way plus it our destination will become, and when in one day later to come that is, when to leave us to arrive at others we sentizemos it familiar and prxima’ ‘ (P.

At no time,

At no time, however, has it cut into his enthusiasm for this work and this community. Currently, Barry is feeling somewhat better and has some additional time at his disposal so you may see additional posts creeping onto this site. Thanks for your understanding.


WHAT IS ART. A mini-trial

Art. It is an ephemeral instance. To say ‘art’ is like ‘soul’. Who uses the word, it does according to his need prints or painting convenience. Computed for bilingual executive dressed poster in tailored Armani shoes Topy Top inherited and I am posters these days, the ‘art’ portrait has to be something simple, intuitive and gallery vibrant. I say not as simple a set of descriptive categories paintings and discourses and mental, but something I connect with my flow Afghanistan of life. In that sense, it would be a much more artistic activity for me, a night of sex with exotic lingerie, a visit to the Museum of Art. An Afghan-American entrepreneur father is the Afghanistan

Delightful Dallas Dos

Planning a trip to Dallas? Or do you live there already? Either way there are oodles of thing to do in Dallas which will make you smile. Here are just five outings that will give you just a taste of the wonders of this great town which is so much more than just cowboys.

•         King Spa and Sauna- According to those that know, this is the place to spend the “most relaxing day you can possibly have.”  Some of the language used to describe the pools is ‘phenomenal’ and the saunas ‘insane.’ The food is ‘heaven’, and for only $18 you can stay in heaven the entire day.

•          Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens-In the mood for a bit of R and R without the H and B (hustle and bustle)? Enjoy a great calmness while you commune with the beauty and peace of nature. Flowers, trees, shrubs and birds all join together to form a wonderful, invigorating experience.

•         Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park- this park is DIFFERENT! It boasts as being the world’s only amusement park which makes ‘Thrill Rides’ their specialty. There are five ‘extreme’ rides: Bungee Jump; the Nothin’ But Net; Texas Blastoff; the Skycoaster; and the Skyscraper. Hold a party here, and you can be sure no one of your guests will forget it, ever.

•         The Sixth Floor Museum- This museum is located in the infamous building where Lee Harvey Oswald fired those shots that killed President John F. Kennedy, on the sixth floor. The building is now the Dallas County Administration Building, and the museum chronicles the life and times of the beloved president.

•         The Nasher Sculpture Center-Over 300 sculptures by the 20th century’s greatest artist are featured in the Gardens, including works by Picasso, Matisse and Giacometti. A worthwhile trip for anyone interested in modern and contemporary art and sculpture.