Texas Woman

Staysha Herrera described the creature that attacked her as a malnourished dog of gray color. Says that he found the beast following his van and that at first he thought that only it was a thirsty dog, but at the time she offered a little water to the strange animal this replied with a bite on the hand. What generated the timely reaction of the Herrera family who acted with a few accurate shots that ended the life of the alleged chupacabras, the corpse of the strange creature was in the hands of the authorities who will be responsible for testing and determine what actually is. Vaccines against rabies as a precaution have meanwhile applied to Staysha Herrera. Officials from the region come only to the chupacabras as a contemporary legend. Supposedly, the creature is the size of a bear small, with a row of spines ranging from the neck to the base of the tail and this attacking cattle to drink his blood. Although the physical descriptions vary, people have reported several cases. The most frequent in Mexico. Original source of the news.