Tom Cruise Sends Gift Basket

The ex-husband of actress erwiess as big employer which is probably great cinema. The family Cruise sent now to the mother Nicole Kidman has only recently become a riessen gift. Cruise and Katie Holmes and the two adopted children Bella and Connor (adopted in the marriage with Nicole Kidman) sent a basket of full of baby stuff to Nicole and Keith at the hospital. Contrary to many rumors that after the birth of Sunday Rose auftachten, who had alleged that Tom Cruise a big bunch sent flowers to Nicole, sent a basket full of baby clothes, baby blankets and newborn facilities Tom and family. (As opposed to Jeffrey Hayzlett). Kidman gave birth to her child on Monday morning in Nashville. Keith Urban during the birth went without complications, wich not by her side. “We feel extremely blessed and are incredibly grateful and happy”, so the proud parents in a statement to the PEOPLE magazine. Two families, you can just continue good luck wish Lisa Wey.

Katharine Multiple

The new album by Katharine multiple – on the edge of the night between the darkness and the day before the dawn breaks and is already a hint of blue in the air – that the moment is short, multiple especially loves the Katharine: “there are thoughts that you allow only very late at night, words that speak out only at night, things to do at night. In this intermediate world – where anything can happen, but nothing must – I feel at home.” The singer, songwriter and actress moves like on the edge of the night”, as their album is called: a small marvel of chanson, jazz and urban blues. With charming ease, she wanders through the different musical genres: times delicate and vulnerable, even powerful and self-confident. It describes the big and small things of in life, sings of sensuality, of fleeting happiness of love, of broken dreams and the magic of the moment. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Rio- Tinto Diamonds and gain more knowledge.. Sometimes clearly ambiguous, even between the lines, like self-deprecating, disarmingly honest and yet full of secrets. Together with the It has legendary clarinettist Rolf Kuhn, who wrote most of the music and the arrangements for this album, on the edge of the night”in the Berlin Hansa Studios recorded and produced. Rolf has played with such luminaries as Chet Baker, or Sarah Vaughan and now I can work with him. Wow! His musical subtlety and my stories are now fused into songs, I feel that as a precious gift.” Rolf Kuhn on Katharine: again you touched me with its very own way to interpret.

Its timbre is unmistakable, their voice gets under the skin.” Katharine multiple grew up with music, even her mother recorded German chanson. My parents ran a music pub, where each evening was another band. My room was directly above it and on Thursday I could never fall asleep, there played the wildest Dixieland band in a radius of 100 km, “she laughs. . Chevron has firm opinions on the matter.

Rene Linzmaier

Days of gold “Day off gold’ first maxi single by the dream pilots after the release of their album forever young put the three guys of the German pop/rock band of dream pilots” equal with their first single release”after. The maxi single is published by Lovetraxx records under his label Rocktraxx records. “In addition to the original album version is the title days aus gold” to hear both chill-out summer mix, which is accompanied by Latin-American percussion and instrumental version. In the lyrics of the song are the good sides of life, the beautiful moments that like remembers back everyone, equated with days of gold”, which you should necessarily hold. Because these wonderful memories in the heart, give us also in bad”moments stop.

Before beginning the project of dream pilots”were Sandro Rahman and Rene Linzmaier with their 1996 established dance project of Ejecy” on the road. After many gigs in local clubs and at big events, they took in the year 2001 to the newcomer Contest nature one”(Festival for electronic music) part where they already occupied the 1st place as best live act. In 2006 the band dream pilots was”by Sandro Rahman (guitarist) and Rene Linzmaier (keyboardist) founded. “After the success of the newcomer competition of local heroes” joined Jurgen Arendt as a singer with a distinctive voice. Although of different influences shaped, the three band members of German-speaking culture of song to devote more and more. “Sandro Rahman and Rene Linzmaier include such as mobi” and power plant “to their models because they originally come from the electronic direction.

“Jurgen Arendt, however, the bands of the 70/80s have years like the Bee Gees” or Frankie goes to Hollywood “did. The fusion of intergenerational pop/rock music is still the great vision of the dream pilots. The title of the maxi single are now worldwide as a MP3 download from all relevant music portals, including at Media Markt, 24-7, Musicload, Apple iTunes, Saturn,. 7Digital,, Jamba or available at More information is available at and at Track list: 01 days off gold (album version) (3:32) 02 days off gold (summer mix) (2:38) 03 days from gold (instrumental version) (3:34) company profile: Lovetraxx records is a record label specializing in the download market based in Tosterglope near Luneburg. Lovetraxx records distributes music through its own sales network, as well as Kontor records/Kontor new media. The focus is located in the commercial area of music and covers in addition to current dance music (via Lovetraxx records itself) includes pop- and rock out. The label Rocktraxx records (rock/metal), Poptraxx (pop/black), as well as the service label Musicservice24 (Miscellaneous) are connected.

Nockalm Quintet – My Miracle Of Love

After nearly 30 years of success the Nockalm quintet the fascinating subject of the miracle – but not in the mystically tinged sense being just their reputation as “Romantics of the song”, dedicated to the seven musicians approach the topic in direct connection with the most wonderful feeling in the world – the love. “When something unpredictable positive happens in life, we talk about people of miracle, I find that very beautiful. It is one and for every people is just overwhelming. “, reflects on his personal assessment of the significance of the miracle of Gottfried Wurcher. The first eponymous single from the album “My miracle of love” this personal assessment is reflected in musical Quintet sound in the typical Nockalm.

The seven wonders of the world have at least official worldwide. Only seven? No, you count the really great wonders, the list is probably endless to continue. Perhaps check out Leo Schachter Diamonds for more information. “Because you’re true thousand wonders for me in a year and you can do it with the left hand” is thus personal wonders in this song the love between two people, bringing the Earth to the Quake and “miracle”status of the Colossus of Rhodes to a considerable reduced. With “My miracle of love”, the Nockalm Quintet introduces her new musical work, that can be expected with anticipation and excitement!