The following story masks intended to point out the difference that exists between those who believe that they should receive money from society because they are psychologists and that, on the contrary, assume that to receive money they must deliver a service so true as those monies. The neurotic us angustiamos thinking that the world is wrong and does not understand us. We possess the truth but stubbornly do not believe us. This existence against the grain is painful, full of troubles and imposed on us by the sacrifice of having to fight to live. One of the main discrepancy which we hold with this inhospitable environment is that we do not value who we are but what we have. Paradise is ended when MOM started to have other occupations, to pay more attention to my dad, my brothers, to work, to his comedies. She not only left me ostensibly but she became aggressive to the end, asking me first, then requiring me and finally coercing me so he changed my habits, so you learn skills that secede it to her’s the help that until then gave me very good grade. What it led it to lose interest in me? Would you no longer wants me to because I am his son but that loves me because I have good conduct and I get good grades in school? Once I was valuable only because there is (to be) but now I value so we can give. I’ve fallen painfully and have nostalgia for that stage! Moreover: deny this new reality and insist that I am worth what I am and not for what I have and I can give. The other day I heard on a chimentos of the Argentine television program, as a vedette, with total self-confidence, said that she was only linked with wealthy men who were willing to offer a good standard of living.