Hova Bator

Chicken incubators are used to hatch chicken eggs and they have existed for years. There are many uses practical for incubators that include everything from projects from primary school to serious poultry husbandry, for this article we will focus on the perspective of amateur. There are two types of incubators in the market, the incubator of air forced which is most often used when a large amount of eggs hatching. This type of incubator has a fan that circulates more uniform warming around the eggs and also has an automatic function when it comes to converting eggs. Air incubators still used more often for hatching small quantities of eggs however this type usually requires more attention in the transformation of eggs because of this you need to do manually.

The basic premise behind chicken incubators is to keep the eggs at a constant temperature to obtain eggs hatching successfully. The temperature must be between 100 and 102 degrees, Depending on the type of incubator. Eggs must be delivered at least 4-6 times a day, and you should see the eggs of heading to exit the shell, as soon as 21 days. Both types have their own advantages in the type of incubator of chicken you choose will depend on how much time and money that you want to spend. Some of the most popular brands are Miller, SureHatch, sportsman and Hova Bator. The average price of forced-air incubators is 69,00 to 815.00 dollars depending on size and features, while still air incubators price range is between 42.00 and were 98.00 dollars.