Ildefonso Saint

The act it will be seated in the corresponding book and it would go to come back to fix them in public places, ' ' as soon as the notice to arrive at the biggest possible number of people can denounce any impediment to know if those that look casamento' '. Of not having objection, the employee of the civil register would go to reflect on the register, being indicated the place and the date to celebrate the marriage. To the day where it presented the parts had agreed to company of its witnesses. Civil authority or act of contract asked if it was its will to participate in the union with the other. According to letter of Ocampo the spouses have that to have respect, loyalty, confidence and affection, being strengthenn themselves to supply what nobody waited the other if to join in marriage.

The care must characterize the relations, preventing insults and physical maltreatment. Juarez kept its command Ocampo, Lerdo and Gonzalez Ortega. In 1959, Ocampo, had to yield to the treat Mclane-Ocampo that deliberated the free navigation of the gulf of California for the Americans. This treating fed the attacks saw periodicals, for the conservatives, now commanded for Miramn. At the beginning of 60 the liberal victory so certain age that total religious freedom was declared. The president would be chosen between Juarez, Lerdo and Ortega, since Ocampo was considered the new Deferred payment, and did not want the rank for itself. In June of 1861, it is elect Benito Juarez.

The Mexican liberal state was insured, this until the new threat, that does not compete in them here telling, the imperial threat of Maximiliano. We could not leave to make aluso the important one it influences that the thinking Deferred payment, it would make in Ocampo, Juarez, Ortega and the excessively Liberal ones. Educated in the traditional college of Ildefonso Saint, established for Jesuits, it had performance in the Constituent in 23 and 24. With the victory of the Conservatives it was for the Europe. Of it wrote sas there ideas in periodic, in 37 only compiled everything for an organized workmanship more. In its writings somebody directs which must be the conditions to use of freedom. Having for behavior an anticlericalsim and exarcebado antimilitarism, it beat against all privileges, whichever. Through the three states of the society, infancy, of the development of the facultieses and finally of the progress, demonstrated because Mexico would have that to adhere the certain laws, justifying that its country entered in the third phase, this would be disentailed of crendices and superstitions. It found that the freedom given to the men in the generality would be extremely dangerous the national unit, therefore nailed to certain control with the masses peasants, that is, with the people in general. But, in this line of thought it was not only Deferred payment that defends the freedom idea cond