The new SmartShake is finally here – practical and easy to handle. He was introduced in Essen in Europe at FIBO. Soon, the SmartShake will be an integral part of the members in the studios of this world. The reason is obvious: the SmartShake is new, stylish, innovative and above all functional. With its unique and patented port information container system you can easily store your personal nutrition needs such as protein, creatine, vitamins and capsules. Thus, the athletes of today no annoying creatine or protein doses must carry more.

Also, the SmartShake convinces by its excellent shake properties. Through the revolutionary and hexagonal, concave screen to avoid powder clumps, all drinks get a perfect viscosity. Also at the women’s. Reason: It will be the SmartShake in wide range of colours including a special lady line. Exclusive distributor of SmartShake is the body attack sports nutrition company. More information and Ordering at