Physical Education

The patient merit, would suffer who it, when it reached the most perfect repayment. With the tip of a punhal? Who would take packs, moaning and sweating under the fatigante life, if the distrust of some thing after the death; – This unknown region whose rays never travelling some crossed in return; – It did not put in them to fly for others, not known? The thought thus in acovarda, and thus is that if it has covered the normal tez of the decision, with the pale and ill tone of melancholy. since that in them they arrest such cogitaes, companies of high target and that well high they glide is turned aside from route and ceases if calling action even though (…) ‘ ‘. It is observed in the act, true philosophical presentation in speaks of the personage, i. it is., a search of the understanding of the reality, in the direction to apprehend it na its inteireza.

It will be this possible one to the man? Passed as many years, the same doubts staged in the part, they continue permeando the mind and the behavior of the man in the current society. Many times, this same society is influenced by the modismo of the time and for the false propagation of ideal, mainly massificado in the mind of the population, for a media (of all the types) descompromissada with the social welfare, it has seen that its main focus is the hearing and the profitability. This and other factors have taken this being, if to distanciar of its natural origin, that is, of its true ‘ ‘ ser’ ‘ (its coming to the world). Searching to acquire/to present characteristics that in swim they condizem with its nature biological and physical. They is esteem that people who adopt this position, start to live a existencial crisis, a true conflict between ‘ ‘ to be and estar’ ‘. In the truth, they know what ‘ ‘ so’ ‘ , but they do not want to accept the form as they had been conceived to the world. Therefore, they appeal to the modern surgical interventions, changing total its skill of being (aesthetic).

E searchs in the laws the guarantee of its rights (change of the register name and sort); it swims more than what reasonable. However, nor one and nor another one, will have the capacity to move what it is invariant. Thus, no matter how hard they make look like ‘ ‘ ser’ ‘ (the existencial conflict remains), never it they will be, but, ‘ ‘ estaro’ ‘ in the world.