Construction Process

In the measure where this opening for itself occurs to the opening for the other, he is to open space for itself, to be part of the proper life and history. But what he is of basic importance he is that the discovery process of the man also is a construction process. He is to construct itself exactly, not as a technological process, where the machine already leaves everything soon, an equal one to the other, is a process ‘ ‘ artesanal’ ‘ , where the craftsman constructs the sculpture with all well-taken care of, observing all the details, correcting to each defect shaping the Being, offering a little of itself for the other, so that this another one is also part of it, is as if the man if constructed, and not yet he was defined. In the measure where it goes if discovering, it goes having a transformation that the Being goes following of well next form, leaving of itself exactly. This that if constructs, that if transforms, if discovers, if it is part of itself, it is also that unfinished workmanship, that at every moment has something to be modified and to be transformed. But we know that some types of sculptures exist, as those that are constructed in soft and delicate way, or also those that they are of coarse more rigid form, to the times is necessary some rigid instruments that using the form can only be made the workmanship.

It is as if at every moment of our life and to each hammer blow we fossemos to the few giving forms to the Being. This type of construction can to the times be until painful, but the result of the finished workmanship is compensating. At every moment where the man if discovers, it also goes if constructing, changedding themselves, leaving of a rude substance, for a workmanship cousin. This construction goes being formed to the few, without definitive time. It is to leave that the time makes its work. It is turned question: He will be that the man knows itself total exactly? The human being is the Being that is in constant construction, is an unfinished workmanship. Something always exists to be retouched, remodelled, or to the times until reconstructed. But, this to happen is necessary to leave itself to construct thus to come close it the maximum of its accomplishment as To be, therefore the human being never knows itself exactly as totality, but it goes if knowing to the measure that goes if constructing.