English Notation

Wednesday, 18 of January of 2012 11:38 #003 North American or English Notation? Who uses computers already perceived that in some cases necessary to use point in the place of the comma decimal. This occurs because the estadunindentes had invented the computer and them they adopt the American system of measures, where the point is used in the place where we use the comma decimal. Another explanation for this is that the Americans did not want to adopt the English system of measures. It had a time where U.S.A. and England were in war. the Google? It uses point or comma decimal? He tries and he takes off its proper conclusions: 0.5 + 1,25 + 0,75 0,5 + 1,25 + 0,75 and if to mix comma decimal with point decimal? What it will be that happens? 0.5 + 1,25 + 0,75 You go to perceive that, although the Google to accept point decimal and comma, if you to mix in the same expression or formula point decimal with comma decimal, the system do not go to recognize as arithmetical expression and go to make a research as if it was a search. conclusion is this: you can use point decimal or comma decimal, never the two together ones. Wallas Nunes