XXXVI Summit Of The Heads Of State Of The Market Common Of The South Mercosur La Summit Extraordinary Of The Union Of Nations

Carlos Mora Vanegas Brazil once more becomes host to transcendent events towards looking for solutions that allow to UNASUR, CALC, MERCOSUR reaching sane, that they promote in their development, integration, problems that belong to them. On this occasion, more than 30 heads of State are invited to the triple Summit of MERCOSUR, Unasur and CALC that takes place between 15 and 17 December in the Bay of Sauipe, northeast of Brazil. The presidential meetings are carried out in the resort of the coast of Sauipe, a tourist and natural reserve area 80 km. North of Salvador, capital of Bahia State. Representatives of 33 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean meet to discuss since the financial crisis until the difficult assignment of Secretary of the South American Union, at the time that welcomed in the Rio Group to Cuba, which begins to emerge from its isolation. The Chavez President of Venezuela will attend and has expressed before his departure, that it is an historical event, a great opportunity integrationist and a sample that the American Empire no longer has capacity to impose their arbitrary decisions in our region, stressed.

Latin American Nations, without the tutelage of Washington, we will hold this meeting with the relevant presence of Cuba, and we will all have the freedom full of sit down to discuss the global economic crisis, among other things, remarked the statesman. Venezuela carries a set of topics to be placed in the table of talks as the informational project of Telesur, and other initiatives related to regional trade and financial integration, said the ruling. For its part, Gonzalo Fernandez, Uruguayan Minister of Foreign Affairs, said at the last Council of Ministers last December 8, to the Oriental Republic of Uruguay shall be withdrawn from UNASUR if Argentina insists on postulating Nestor Kirchner as Secretary-General of the organization. The Executive oriental, with Tabare Vazquez at the head, unforgiving Nestor Kirchner its support for the Argentine ecoambientalistas that is They expressed on the border of the River Uruguay in protest at the placement of the pastera Finnish Botnia, the largest foreign investment in the history of the Uruguya, reaching 1.8 billion US dollars.