Wooden Furniture

Renew your home decor without making considerable expenditure is possible thanks to the ingenuity and good taste. It is well known, that we are going through a period of global economic crisis, so it is necessary to address this situation with creative resources. To help you change the appearance of your home without damaging your budget, we propose to restore the original color of a painted wooden cabinet. In this way you contribution a very modern decoration air, since it is trend include parts of natural appearance in the different rooms in the home. Takes note of the procedure: where it vented and protected with thick rubber gloves and mask, applied with the help of a paintbrush, a pickling product to the Cabinet to be treated. Wait a few minutes for it to penetrate and pass a steel wool in the direction of the grain of the wood until all paint is removed. Works by small areas and always from the top down, to avoid that, in the event that the product slide, stain what already is pickling.

Then, rub the piece of furniture with a sponge strong dampened with neutral SOAP and water, this will neutralize the action of the paint stripper. Rinse well and remove excess moisture with a cloth. To protect the wood is convenient to rub with a cloth of cotton impregnated oil specific and let stand until it has been absorbed completely. Finally, you can give the finish that you like with wax or varnish. You must take into account that depending on the painting that has absorbed, the furniture can stay with different tones, if you want to match it usa tint to wood.This task can be very relaxing, you can also consider it as a starting point to dedicate yourself to the restoration of furniture, your friends and family would surely be delighted.