When We Hurt Our Friends

If there is a precious gift that we have received in and for life, they are friends. They are plug-in and sustenance in difficult situations, and are the extension of the satisfactions we generated the success. But in certain situations of life, can touch you be held hostage to a friend. What do I mean? Many people, when they are burdened by the problems of everyday life, either with respect to work, study, or as a result of other activities that develop, and before the powerlessness that generates not to combat situations, end up channeling the frustration towards their loved ones. (Source: Brian Armstrong). Thus, we find that for the loss of a promotion at work, the individual lashes out against persons who know that they will not give up and they know him best. Abused word to a friend, he becomes intolerant, it requires of exceedingly, it puts to the test, destrata, among other attitudes, and there is no account that your friend is not the opponent, but that your adversary is the outside situation that does not leave you, in the example, occupationally advance.

When us find a friend who adopts this stance, maybe it’s better move away for a while, making clear that we are on their side, but at the same time letting you know that we intend to maintain our self-respect and will not allow us to use or abuse. It is also important to let you know that we are with him on what is necessary to remedy the situation that worries him, and which must be towards that problem against which should direct their anger, not against us, that we want it and we support it unconditionally. see you soon.