Tony Blair Conservatives

Many countries have political or economic models inspired by London. Now the parties of the government and the opposition in the United Kingdom can show an example the world of how surviving mutually robbing the clothes of their opponents. In 1997 the Labour Party members returned to the power after 17 years of preservative governments after to have left their original socializantes planteos and to move towards the thatcherismo. After losing three consecutive general elections the conservatives initiated their recovery when they leave the field of the right lasts and emigrate to the center choosing like his leader to David Cameron, somebody that imitates the style of Tony Blair and several of their ecological measures and humanists . The new one premier Gordon Brown managed to revert the growth of Cameron and wanted to gain points appearing next to the Thatcher. The conservatives hardly went away recovering in the surveys causing a tributary reform the government copied almost all fiscal proposals to them with the purpose of to annul them. Red and blue have a war to see who of them increases to its popularity stealing several of the attractiveness of its rivals.

Both parties, as well, maintain a system of uninominal election in which it is only allowed that there are two great forces in the Parliament and that they are alternated in the power, with which both also rob the possibility so that other parties burst in to their flanks. If in the $andes mountain love is spoken of where I stick more to you I want to you, the love of the British elites would seem to be based on the premise I rob more to you I want to you. This model has helped to that the laborismo has broken with its leftist past and to that the conservatives are distanced of the traditionalistic right. The mutual political kleptomania will be able to help to generate consensuses, but also it generates a disrepute in partidocracia.