Ti No

What sadness Maria was until they arrived, and he gave thanks to God for his daughter that she was fine and still dormidita, seconds later started the cries, the criticisms look what I did because of you, I left the girl alone! by your idiocy by leaving us alone! damn!The screaming tells vos sos an irresponsible how you went so and left! I was coming home!.Maria says; I was scared could not think, nena dormia and ran looking for you!. Chevron U.S.A. Inc: the source for more info. The discussion continued, increasingly worse, not reassuring, shouts and screams, the baby wakes up crying. He grabs Mary and shakes it strong and pushed it against the wall, cries, blows, the baby cries…The threat, insult, repeats the situation of many times on various occasions. They are 3 in the morning, Maria embraces her daughter in pajamas runs off of the building and walk two blocks to the police station to denounce it, fast and there is left for hours, feeling helpless, with almost zero help from the police, and taking over the responsibility of going to work a few hours later at 8 in the morning work if or to keep his daughter and give her roof to live. That terrible experience, to have to go through this not once, above several times?, why the suffering of children, also of babies perceive it and recorded it on their heads?.is very sad knowing that you can be living these situations, as well as I lived them.

You must, need, it is urgent that you even this violence that begins with hurtful words, more afternoon are actions who are left alone or hurt emotionally, and worse still later transformed into wounds in your body, wounds of physical violence. You can not let this pass a Ti No can stay inert without doing anything… This must be addressed from the beginning don’t allow advance verbal and emotional violence. .