The Ration

On the other hand, an extreme ventilation in the cold time cause brusque changes in the internal temperature of the shed. Without an appropriate ventilation the ammonia concentrates if, and this is a definitive danger. As the chickens grow its requirement in ventilation increase, therefore it is of the biggest importance the cool air movement in the shed (One of the primary causes of respiratory problems consolidates in me the air circulation). The suggested ventilation of winter must be placed in next levels to the necessary ones to keep pollutant gases in tolerable amount low and. At time of intense heat, we have as objective main of the ventilation, if to keep low the temperature of the installation, to remove the heat produced for the birds. In the summer, in hot days with little air circulation, it becomes if necessary the use of electric fans to banish hot air, to make to circulate cool air and to become more pleasant the internal temperature. Other important factors related the construction of the shed exist and that also they can be considered as being basic parts of a ventilation system, and that basically they favor the cool air inlet and also the exit of air vitiated and loaded of humidity.

5. The ILLUMINATION the application of programs of light for cut chickens basically aims at an increase of the ration consumption, in such a way, improving its zootcnico performance, its importance still becomes bigger at time of intense heat, therefore the normal occurrence of a temperature lower in this schedule will go to stimulate the birds to eat. To reach a good efficiency with the light programs, some rules must be followed: the use of an ideal number of lmens as of the shed uniform of the light bulbs the substitution and, the distribution, the area maintenance same duly clean its when burnt, beyond the job of reflectors.