The Planetarium

The year 1964 Planetarium, school 189, Punta Gorda, I was in fourth year. Walk scheduled at the Planetarium of the Municipal Zoo. Before boarding the bus, teacher advises loudly and slowly that the walk begins and ends at the school. Anyone can come it to search before, nor anyone can be lowered before anywhere else. Upon arrival, all students sit. Director ask silence while the Hall darken. Lights simulating stars filled the entire fictional sky.

Manager of the Planetarium was to describe star representing each light, accompanied for this a signal Lantern. I don’t know if by nerves or something ingested during the breakfast, I began to feel a seismic movement within the stomach. Something like a volcano ready to erupt, only that in the opposite direction. I was curious because I did not eat breakfast much else, almost nothing made me evil, or at least we believed until that day. Lacked even half an hour to complete and far from being able to concentrate on the words of the speaker, my mind started to carry out the following complex calculation: capacity to withstand the stitches that produced desire for intestinal mobilization, more rejection to put her butt in any dirty bathroom, more shame that I was inform my teachers that I was doing me poop. The equation should subtract the time that lasted the oratory about the stars, in which every minute it was making me hours. The decision was not easy. I could not lift me because school authorities had threatened us with sanctions for misbehavior.

I was also located in the middle of a long line of students, all tight and almost no space to walk. On the other hand, if I would have done my impulse to prevail, anyway did not see anything and wouldn’t know where to go. Sometime I felt loosened me, but luckily I managed to endure.