The Number

The principle of the game is simple – to bring down all the pins on the track. If a player coped with this task, the result will be called "strike" and the frame is closed. If a certain number of pins still standing after the first roll, the player has left another attempt and throws the second ball. If the remaining skittles in dalos knock, it will be "spares", if one pin or more stand after the second attack, the result will be "open frame". In this case, the player is awarded to only the number of points, which corresponds to the number of fallen pins. Home cunning professionals – the largest number of players in the bowling centers achieve results, knocking home, the first, bowling.

But the more experienced players are thrown into the so-called "pocket" – a major kingpin to the right or on the left. If 10 pins are knocked down with the first throw in the tenth frame, the player is awarded two prizes throw, and if the second shot – one. Scored points in every frame is the number of pins knocked down (except for throws "Strike" and "spares"). If a player knocks down 10 pins with the first throw (the strike – is denoted by "X"), points in this frame are calculated based on 10 + prize points (total score for two consecutive throws). If a player knocks down 10 pins in two throws in the same frame (spares – "/"), designated number of points in this frame is calculated based on 10 + prize points (points for a subsequent shot.) If a player crosses the foul, the throw does not count regardless of the number of pins knocked down.