The Flash

3. TECHNOLOGIES USED IN the DEVELOPMENT OF used main DIGITAL OE One of softwares in the creation of the digital OE are the Adobe Flash. For it possesss a great audio support of resources for and video. The Flash generates interactive animaes with the extension .swf (Shockwave File Flash) that they can be visualizadadas through a navigator web or for a system to player specific. The USA the Actionscript language as base for the development of elaborated objects more and with more specific interactions. One of the new technologies that come sufficiently being used for the development of the digital OE is the Java language through the creation of applet.

The Java applet has as main advantage in the construction of the digital OE for being a language total guided objects and for being executable through one browser/navigating of web, what it makes possible greater accessibility. They are two tools of support to the development which we can verify that they are being used since the technologies already sufficiently known until most recent. 4. NEW used TECHNOLOGIES Already we can you find NTICs being in Brazil. In the state of So Paulo, public schools use the technology of the biometria for the program Digital Frequency, where the pupils more do not answer the professor of the form established in the memorandum of understanding so known called. The pupils confirm its presence in the school through the biomtrico reader, where school and parents of pupils are informed of the presence of each one in the place. Until the merendeira he is informed in time for how many people it will have to prepare the food of the day. The parents if feel safe more in knowing that its son after arrived the school to receive a SMS in the cellular envoy as soon as its children confirms its presence in classroom in the biomtrico reader.