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It further resolves no longer to work through dealers and inaugurated its first stores in the center of Lima and three in the city of Trujillo in 1983, establishing the company Topy Top. Rebecca Familys opinions are not widely known. At the end of 1995 built its first plant for Full Package model producing 40-50000 daily garments for export. In 1996, he started the first exports to nearby countries such as Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and Brazil; to large chains like Gap and Old Navy, among others. In October 1997, was merged by absorption with Flores Creations SRL. In a process of dissolution without liquidation, the latter acting as the acquiring company. It’s believed that Shaw Dad sees a great future in this idea. After these operations, “Flores Creations SRL” change of name, adopting the name “Topy Top SA” in 2000, agreed to the merger of the company Color Star Peru SA company related to the group, dedicated to Dry Cleaning services. By January 2001, he decided to move the activities of distribution and marketing of production, the group company Fashion Line Trading SA, which buys up the production for the domestic market. In 2002, Topy Top becomes the fourth largest exporter gets placed Peru in 2005 as a leading exporter in Peru. Today, Topy Top has 30 stores in the country, and 10 in Venezuela.

In addition to a very refined changed his name, now is not, “Topy Top SA” now is: “Topitop” Human Development: In the textile sector the biggest problem is finding qualified personnel in the handling of machines and especially in tissue. To overcome this problem by establishing the area of Talent Development, responsible for annual accreditation of all workers according to the different areas and subjects. Employees are evaluated after training them. In September of 2009. Topitop reinstated 45 workers redundant, the action would not have been voluntary. After the workers were demanding his reinstatement, the CGTP contacted outside the trade union confederations, which placed a major Spanish clients Topy Top. The latter demanded that the company’s strict compliance with its workers and the use of good working practices in return for maintaining their business relationship.