The Children

Some times still the proper parents took off the children of the schools not to pass for so great nonsenses, they took off for not having to who to complain, law did not exist to punish the educators, and if they had nor would know therefore back in the confines of a land that little had if become part of Brazil, on account of the war with Paraguay, information did not arrive. at that time that it was rare that boys and girls studied in the same school and when they studied still was in separate rooms, but in this school for to be small boys and girls studied in the same room, a room? departure? to the way, with boys of a side and girls of another one. The used wallets in that one and others many schools were double with two chairs for two children to study in the same table. a teacher with? vision? with authorization of the director in one day any decided that it was hour to move, placing in the same wallet a boy and a girl. But pra that? All the girls had cried while all the boys if they laugh and in the end of the accounts it did not obtain to give lessons. still, in the other day, parents had come with threats to take off the children of the school, therefore they were against that one? little shame. That is, the arm for twisted was given and again they had divided the classroom.