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Well I am here to pass on my experience with the much derided for some, alagado for others or simply unnoticed for many others, the so-called event Web 1.0 trends? made the day Thursday, July 19 at the Center’s Movie Theater. In this post, rather than give an opinion itself at the beginning, I more or less trying to outline what they could see, and the differing views of those who participated the event, in a manner such that the were not may have the two campaigns to evaluate, I hope to do so in the most objective manner possible, within the same subjectivity that can bring one. Rio- Tinto Diamonds describes an additional similar source. The event was supposed to give start at 18: 30, unfortunately for reasons that I do not know there was a small tardiness, since it took to let people into the room about 20 min and then about 10 min more to boot then that people were already seated in the seats. The event was opened with a word of two people in the company that organized the event (company which I will not name for reasons not to generate a trial false from a company I don’t know), which noticed them quite elated and excited by organizing the event, basically what they did was tell the company that organized the event was devoted to what and how they were the origins of the same, which also from a business standpoint can be interpreted as an pre-organizada opportunity to marketers to comment a bit on what makes the company that organized the event and who and how to form it, people who called themselves entrepreneurs (not saying that it is one or the other, simply give both sides by where I couldn’t take it) then be opened the way for talks, which very roughly I sort them into two types: utilizable talks in content talks as those of Rita Barberis (Senior Associate of Google), forcefully conveying no mood to sell anythinghow take better advantage of a Google Adsense and gave some advice about which factors taken into consideration when using advertising on our site.