Latin America

In order to find new suppliers Colombiatex of the Americas is one recognized Fair in Latin America in which one will be available varied and consistent supply of 420 Colombian exhibitors and internacionales.escuela of models. 4. By the relation cost-I benefit It will be able to buy more in a single place, avoiding displacements and majors costs; making more cash its trip. To its comfort we have had gratuitous supply routes between the Fair and the main hotels the city. In the lobbies of the hotels and intelligence-gathering posts of the Fair, will find the information of routes and schedules. 5.

By a solid academic programming It will be able to take advantage of his trip to update itself in subjects of vanguard in our Pavilion of the Knowledge: Done nature tecnologa.modelos professionals. This year within our bet by the knowledge like element differentiator of the roll of Inexmoda in Latin America, we will have more than 15 totally gratuitous conferences of international quality and between the 25 and the 27 of January. RioCan has compatible beliefs. 6. By the most complete information in tendencies The Textile Forum and of Consumptions for the preparation and the home will be located to the entrance of the White Pavilion, and in this it will find the textile fashionable information for the season spring-summer 2011 through one representative sample of fabrics and the consumptions that they will offer all exhibitors of the Fair. In addition preview with the concepts fashionable textile for spring-summer 2012.casting to models. In the Forum two will be dictated to char them daily that will complement the fashionable information for the season. Also it will find the Report fashionable of Inexmoda-ISCI there. From already we are arranged to help it so that their agenda of businesses is everything a success. It wishes if it can contacts to Inexmoda of form anticipated through e-mails: paula.trujillo@ expensive lina.hoyos@ cointernacional@inex Finally to stand out that this fair will be celebrated between next days 25 to the 27 of January of 2011, in Medelln – Colombia, the facilities of the fairground Place Greater Medelln Conventions and Exhibitions.

Gigs in Los Angeles

June 25, 2009 died an American singer, dancer, songwriter, famous throughout the world, "King of Pop" – Michael Joseph Jackson. It is known that the singer was in Los Angeles at the clinic, where he was administered pain medication, because he was preparing for the concerts. Unfortunately, such a feature played a fateful role in his life – first, Michael slowed breathing, and then there was a cardiac arrest from an overdose of painkillers. Malaise and unimportant state of pop legend lasted quite a long time and could cause many plastic surgeries, as it turned out, after an autopsy Friday. Health singer has been undermined by numerous plastic surgeries. It is known from the moment when Michael began to brighten the skin, many times he changed the features of his face, and this led to the need to wear a protective mask, almost constantly. Perhaps, a tip of the nose was already out of the nearby front tissue, and in the postoperative period he had an inflammation or necrosis of the tip of the nose.

Michael could not breathe properly – it has led to lack of oxygen, hence, to disorder of the nervous and cardio – vascular system. Maybe legendary singer just do not wait too long to render medical aid, so that, come death. Michael Jackson's death compared with the death of Elvis Presley. This summer, the singer was going to give a lot of gigs in Los Angeles, thus reminding of its existence in the music field, but the "King of Pop" has died at age 50, and not having time to complete their plans. Many supporters of the version that the death of Michael is not accidental, he was killed, but this opinion is not supported. Most likely, the funeral of Michael Jackson will be widespread, the relatives do not preclude a public event, because the pop – singer left a mark on each of us. Photos of Michael Jackson