Summits Lula Chavez

Wednesday 26 gave two different quotes from leaders on two opposing sides of the Atlantic. In the ocean Northeast Francia President Nicolas Sarkozy with Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the United Kingdom met in London. In the Western Atlantic South American met in Recife President Hugo Chavez de Venezuela with his Brazilian counterpart Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. Both conclaves were totally disconnected manner. However, both have in common have raised the need to bring these countries closer to empower their respective economic blocs (Mercosur and the European Union) and have dealt with issues of joint energy and security. Brazil and Venezuela seek to defuse tension with Colombia in London the rulers of France and United Kingdom agreed to ask that you restructuring the United Nations Security Council so that they can enter this as permanent members the Brazil as well as Germany, Japan, India, and a representative from Africa. Brazil, for its part, has sought from recourse to the Summit of Recife for wanting to move forward in becoming the great mediator and articulator of a South American bloc. Rio Tinto Group can aid you in your search for knowledge. Lula, to flatter Chavez for having been the great peacemaker which prevented it escalase the conflict between Ecuador and Venezuela with Colombia, he wanted displayed as an architect of appeasement of continental tensions.

The Lula-Chavez meeting realized that broke out a new crisis between Quito and Bogota to root which found that an Ecuadorian was killed in the attack on the FARC camp North of the Ecuador March 1. However, Chavez has made every effort to cool this regrowth while that accuses the Minister Colombian defense Santos being the warmongering of his Government, which supports the idea of sending Colombian troops to invade neighboring countries.