Sporting Goods

Approaching the New Year with a succession of winter and spring holidays. To many is the question: 'What to give? " It is generally accepted that the best gift is a book. Educate yourself with thoughts from Rod Brooks. Maybe 20 years ago, it was so. But now, when most engaged in sedentary work, with all its consequences. When the road home and at work is often half-time.

When there is no time to visit a fitness club or jogging to skiing, the best gift, probably should be considered a gift that gives a man what he needs – a movement exercise. That is a simulator. Gym Balls / Medicine Balls / fitbol used in physical therapy from the mid 50's years. Large, easy-ball develops coordination, strengthens the muscles of the body and trains the heart, respiratory system and the vestibular system, helps fight obesity, creates a fun atmosphere in the group classes. Recommended dimensions fitbol / fit ball depend on the growth of 45 cm to 152 cm less growth, 55 cm – from 152 cm to 165 cm, 65 cm – from 165 cm to 185 cm, 75 cm – from 185 cm to 202 cm in the absence of snow, keep 'winter' form can help you slide / sliding track the load on the same groups of muscles and joints, and skating and elliptical trainers – a kind of substitute skis.

Training on the elliptical trainer notable lack of impact loads on the joints, exercise is not only feet, but almost all the muscles of the body: the torso, the shoulder girdle. Depending on the program – usually have several, you can train the heart, or get rid of excess weight – 'to burn fat. " Training computers most modern cardio show that training time, distance, speed, calories burned, pulse, and specific to each cardio options. Modern, even the most simple clock Heart Rate Monitors are not only built-in alarm clock, stopwatch, show the time as a normal watch, but the current, average and maximum heart rate, lap time with average heart rate, heart rate as a percentage of prescribed heart rate zone, set limits of the pulse and are counting calories. Agree that a heart rate monitor, which is sometimes called the Pulse, heart rate monitor that performs time clock function and home medical assistant may be a good gift. Including the New Year. Symbolically presented in the New Year will begin counting the heart rate monitor sports a new, sporty time congratulations the owner of Pulse.