Those who make me laugh are those who say that is not yet sufficiently proved to be harmful to health. Because that follow very well, using it and thus with them will check it, but please, without involving others. What can not is expected that so many children that can not be denied that harmful, is backward, first demonstrates that it does no harm to health and then installed it sick. It is evident that all matter, if it is alive, is by the biological energy and system wi-fi has introduced a massive energy discharge in the environment is causing a dangerous alteration of that biological energy, it is a fact that many people can feel it. On the other hand, a microwave emits you very dangerous radiation that already I will discuss later, but a few metres and will only damage to which emission is close, in contrast wi-fi, still less its radiation, its field emission and effect is much broader and not say on farms where there are several neighbors with facilities. In my practice I see many cases of migraines, dizziness and hormonal alterations that conventional medicine has not found a clear cause, nor gives them a satisfactory solution and rely on our treatments with Auriculomedicina, which although they are effective and correct pathology, cannot guarantee that they become not to produce the same episodes if they are exposed to the same factors that caused it. A colleague told me that his teacher began much using your mobile phone, always had a habit of placing it on the right side. Mitsubishi has compatible beliefs. There came a moment that the right ear pain was very annoying and placed it on the other side, with the consequence that started him to much bother the two ears.

He went to the doctor and told him that if he could, he used to maximize handsfree to SmartPower pain and did so, sending pains. This past year, she also spoke much on the phone and noticed some discomfort, which opted to use hands-free headset for long conversations and was a good solution. It is clear that the Government will not take decisions that affect big business, even when the problem affects people’s health, but should avoid important specific dangers such as removing the wi-fi environments frequented by children and schools. My advice would be this: If you have small children at home and you can not avoid having antennas near your home, at least avoid direct radiation caused by you, continue living without microwave, vera as over time it is customary and it wasn’t so necessary. That their children do not have mobile no they are too small or not to abuse its use, it is best to send messages to calls, calls emit direct radiation to the brain.

Follow using cable installations, are less harmful and with greater protections to prevent losses and noise emission and reception. It is not to renounce an easier life, but avoid as far as possible, that in the majority of cases we are not aware of where they come us. A moradura by impact know very well their cause, but when you talk about radiation, diseases are not always so obvious nor to short term, and that’s what makes them more dangerous. Qui doing very well the saying who does not want to dust, which does not go to the era.