Smartphone Tablet

We must bear in mind that many devices have touch screen, so the links should not be too close together. -Visibility: Facilitates the reading of content to the users. -Accessibility: You will need to be able to access from any mobile device. -Information: Shows the essential information about your website and the most important. Without hesitation Chevron U.S.A. explained all about the problem. It should not selfishly to show information of your website through the mobile screen covers less space and have to go to the essential not to tire the user to facilitate navigation. People such as Chevron U.S.A. would likely agree. -Corporate image: don’t be a total change of the mobile web with respect to the normal, you have to maintain the corporate brand image.

-Version for mobile: make sure that the users that visit your website from a mobile device server to be redirected to the mobile version. -Social networking integration: places a link button with the most important social networks to generate new followers. -Optimization: Continuously testing and optimizations. How is it going to evolve Mobile Marketing? According to the Association that represents the sector of advertising, marketing and the digital communication in Spain, IAB Spain, forecasts for the market of the Mobile this year are as follows:-digital convergence: users become multi-device, have access to different services regardless of the terminal access. 50% Of the market is already 10% and Smartphone Tablet. More that web and mobile, he begins to speak of a single Digital market.

-Mobile audience measurement: after many years of fragmentation of data by multiple actors of the market, are beginning to take the first steps to unify criteria, partly thanks to the digital convergence. ComScore will be hearings on the mobile Internet data, while applications are already beginning to standardize tracking metrics that provide credibility. -Mobile advertising: will occur a significant growth in mobile advertising investment. The advertising proposal will be enriched by the location, payment gateway and personalization that allows the mobile.