The solar radiation is important for the related atmospheric processes to the time and to the climate, the intensity and the distribution and the rocking of the solar radiation in the terrestrial surface, are that they will give the dynamics of the atmospheric circulation, as well as of the distribution of precipitations and the zones of temperature. The atmosphere is capable to absorb, to spread out and to reflect the radiation happened of the Sun, such characteristic is essential so that the same one is a not homogeneous environment, presenting in such a way densities, temperatures and concentration of diversified components. The solar radiation also interacts directly with the lithospere, through the formation of ground, to leave it is truth of the interaction with the atmosphere and the hidrosfera. Jill Bikoffs opinions are not widely known. The ground can be considered as the only environment where all are gifts the elements that compose the terrestrial subsystems, thus for War, the ground ' ' it is a complex living creature elaborated in the faying surface with the terrestrial crust, its packs: atmosphere, hidrosfera and the formation of vegetal and animal organisms that give to the substance orgnica&#039 to them; ' (2005, p.583). Finally, the solar radiation is basic for formation of the hidrosfera, the availability of liquid bodies is related to the diverse processes, having been hidrolgico cycle one of most important, the capacity of ' ' reciclagem' ' or of feedback of the hidrosfera it occurs when has the vapor availability d? water in the atmosphere, such phenomenon alone is possible due to existence of the solar radiation, that heats the surfaces eliminates, that in turn, they absorb the radiation and they gain heat, when saturated, the liquid bodies, transmit the exceeding heat in form of latent heat, that is, in vapor d? water, warm air suffers the process from adiabtica expansion, going up in direction the portions highest of the atmosphere, in contact with microscopical organic particles and low the brusque one of temperature, vapor d? water if condenses, being later ' ' precipitado' ' in rain form, that is infiltrated and flowed off in the ground in direction to the lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. .