The Peugeot Partner is a small van produced by Group PSA and that is sold so much by the Peugeot mark as Citren from 1996, one is a type of van that is very being demanded in the market of renting of cars thanks to its good characteristics for the transport of load and unloading. In the models different possibilities for the load from two places, as well as for passengers of five places exist. The model has no, one or two lateral doors according to the year and the version; the back inner door is of two leaves of horizontal opening in the Partner and vertical opening in the Berlingo. The model was restyled in the year 2000, with a differentiated frontal more between both models. The model in line has front traction with trasversales front motors of four cylinders. The gasoline CB is 1,1 60 liters of, 1,4 75 liters of CB, 1,8 90 liters of CB and 1,6 109 liters of CB; except for most powerful, the other are of two valves by cylinder. The diesel engine CB, 1,6 90 is 1,9 70 liters atmospheric of liters of 75 or CB and 2,0 90 liters of CB, these two last with turbocompressor and direct injection common-rail. The new Partner owns a lifting capacity of up to 800 kg. In addition, in few days they will be able I will acquire the units of the Partner equipped with motor e-HDI, that have the blocks diesel with the Solar System Stop& Start, that will be able to reduce the consumption of important form in urban passage. The data declared by Peugeot indicate that the CO2 emissions are reduced until the 125 g/km in the case of the units with Tepe completion. Besides the shutdown and start unit of the motor, the Partner also improves the aerodynamics with a closed front calender and with tires of smaller friction.