Organic Disorders

Some people understand this nice little tingle under fear if they sit in the roller coaster or watch an exciting horror film. Some people understand this nice little tingle under fear if they sit in the roller coaster or watch an exciting horror film. Patients who are suffering from an anxiety disorder, can often do not understand do another how this fear will affect their lives and destroyed in the long term. Anxiety and its causes anxiety is causally in the brain, if this a – real or imagined – perception has processed and came to the conclusion, this situation is threatening. Immediately activates a part of the brain called amygdala, and distributes a hormone cocktail, which leads to the typical mental and physical reactions in anxiety. The hormonal balance of the brain out of whack is organic disorders, as this can lead to the expression of an anxiety disorder. This disorder can be caused for example by a thyroid disorder, also malfunction of the brain even come into consideration.

In addition, it is assumed that a certain genetic predisposition might also be responsible for the occurrence of anxiety disorders. Psychological influences in fear and their formation are different psychological mechanisms involved. A cause for the development of an anxiety disorder can be a formative and traumatizing experience, the patient can no longer shake off. As soon as something appears, which is similar to this original situation even in the most distant, the fear response is used. The perception of fear seems also another than that in healthy people. You see the things distorted and exaggerated, interpret also harmless signs as extremely dangerous and threatening. In this respect, they have moving away a little from the General reality and created their own. Reactions to fear an anxiety attack occurs, so it starts most of the time with an accelerated heart rate and an increased heart rate.

The patient begins to hyperventilate, he shakes, gets sweats and a feeling of tightness in the chest. These symptoms increase the fear, because a real physical damage is feared, and the symptoms on the other hand serve as evidence for the fear – you interpret it so that the fear was then surely entitled, if it gets into such a State. In my head, however, there is a yawning emptiness, what comes to mind and rationality: thoughts circling desperately about the alleged threat and paint always more terrifying nightmare scenarios; the imagination is going crazy. So no room remains for a reasonable consideration of the situation, which could perhaps keep the fear at Bay and dampen. This reinforces the spiral of anxiety that leads deeper into the negative state. Anxiety and panic attacks treatment – here you find out more about the treatment of panic attacks. What to do against panic? Strategies to prevent panic. With an anxiety disorder uncontrollable fear greatly restricts daily life.