One Day One Deal

One Day one deal, is the new sales concept from the United States. A new retail concept from the United States has arrived in German-speaking countries. One Day – one deal or One Day – one product is to describe the live shopping concept. Companies offer so only an article for a certain period of time.Like or Germany in this way often electronics products at extremely low prices offered by companies. With the shop software designed by us eShopLive is now everyone in the position on his own homepage this sales concept to follow. The software developed by us offers the typical shop software mechanisms on the technical needs to sell products based on this concept. The user decides at a variety of discontinued products, when which product for a customer to appear or be buyable. Due to the used template engine, it is also easy to customize the appearance of the shop’s own wishes and circumstances. Of course we also offer the service, the software modular for customers to extend or customize the look of your needs. Dennis Reinert