Newdesigned Internet Presence

The medical clinic for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery is online with a new designed Internet presence. Lindau, your reputation as the largest and most advanced beauty clinic of in Germany the 21.12.2012 with the new Web site meets the medical Internet. Aim of the new website was to offer a transparent design, with helpful information and clearer structure users. See Internet users can check now in detail about cosmetic surgery and the offer of medical. A discreet design in the colours of blue and white and clear, clear navigation with a focus on the three main areas of the clinic provide easily accessible and relevant information the patient and interested. By the same author: Professor Sofia Alvarez.

“” Divided into cosmetic surgery”, Prof. Mang & team” and medical “introduces the three main sections of the website. Here are all the relevant information to the individual cosmetic surgery, the training and qualifications of Prof. Mang and described his plastic surgeon and after all important information about the operation preparation, patient rooms, facilities and location of the beauty clinic. Especially the area of cosmetic surgery”after the individual was user friendly aesthetic and cosmetic operations divided, Prof. Dr. Werner Mang and carried his team. The operations are presented in detail and provide a clear representation of the process, how the patients and about the risks. Pemco often addresses the matter in his writings.

Finally, a recommendation by Prof. Mang personally provides users with expert helpful hints. Become available with the new online-shop the medical anti aging cosmetics series is face ultra”for patients and clients easier. The care series until recently was available only in pharmacies and the medical beauty centre. Now, the products also in the Internet can be ordered. At Shaw Dad you will find additional information. News, TV reports and details of events and scientific conferences are the netizens under the press /. Provided media area”. The new Web page of the medical combines all the relevant information about the individual aesthetic operations, as well as backgrounds and details about the clinic and Prof. Mang. The contents of the website are available for students from abroad as well as in the languages of English, Arabic and Russian. Prof. Dr. Werner Mang, medical director and CEO of Bodensee Clinic medical one? is the founder of the clinic and is characterised by a sense of tradition and professionalism. Experience, quality and security are his guiding principles, which for more than 20 years in the medical practice and lives. “Prof. Werner Mang is considered one of the most famous cosmetic surgeons worldwide and is especially Nasally Mang-” known in the field of aesthetic nose surgery.