– But it will be that everything this justifies that these modern parents, continue if to seat to the table of the meals and only to find asinhas of the hen? To answer to these and others, it follows a relation of 10 questions that we must observe to better be able to evaluate the situation where we find in them. 1) Let us look for to remember how many times we take our children to the McDonalds. – Made this, let us verify the NOTE of it in disciplines of Physical Education and we will consist that it is inversely proportional to the times we take that them, in the said snack bar, and the weight of them is directly proportional. 2) Let us look for to observe how many hours our children pass front to a computer or a video-game. – Estarrecidos we will evidence that the number of hours that it passed and passes front to these toys are accurately equal to the number of hours where they had depleted our patience, in geometric progression. 3) We will be capable to remember how many times, when some special date if approaches type: anniversary of them, Native, Passover, day of the children, etc. We hear our children to say: ' ' In (day such) I want one ' '? – With certainty we will evidence that the number of times that it ' ' presentearam-se' ' for anticipation, that multiplied for an optimistical number type 100, could be equal to the number of ' ' Nos' ' that they had said in them. 4) We will be capable to remember how many to times demons gifts they, without they possessed any requirement of merit, to the times, nor could give for questions of financial order? – We will evidence sadly that to add the values expenses with these we mimos given without lesser merit, it will be equal to the degree of the lies that they already had imposed in them.